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Jan 9th - Jan 27th
We continue our westward travels. We headed for the Phoenix area where we had several friends and relatives we planned on visiting. After we arrived, we realized that there wasn't enough days to see everyone. Every day there had us visiting with someone!! We were glad that we will be returning in Feb. and have the opportunity to see more people. After staying in Mesa, we headed for the BLM land near Quartzsite and Yuma, AZ. We anticipate spending the next four weeks in that general area. We have been commenting about the warm weather we are experiencing as opposed what it is like back in Minnesota. Well, it is warmer. However, there seems to be a wider swing in temperature variance. Some nights can get down into the 30's with days ranging 50's to 80's. When the sun goes down, the temp. drops pretty fast. It can also be windy, but it is not that biting wind with moisture in it, thus not as "cold". Have had an abundance of clear blue skies. All adds up to having quite a varied wardrobe.

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To Mesa, AZ
Visiting Friends
More Friends
Quartzsite, AZ
Fulltimers 2007 Graduation
"Hi Jolly"
Lake Havasu
Swansea Ghost town
Rattle Fixed!!
Just lounging
Imperial Dam
Educational Opportunity
High water
Off to Mexico
Yuma Proving Grounds
Golden Knights
Yuma Prison
More Cousins
Back to Mesa
On to California
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