YogaJen is at it again! Dream Italia, Live Italia travel blog

YogaJen is at it again! Dream Italia, Live Italia

YogaJen goes to Italy 2009 travel blog
Greetings and salutations, a heartfelt Namasté, and what's more ... ciao!

Welcome to my second Trip Journal!
Benvenuti al diario del mio viaggio.

One of the inspirations that paved the way for this journey comes from "Under The Tuscan Sun"

'They say they laid the train tracks over the Alps
from Vienna to Venice, even before there was a train…
They knew some day a train would come.'

My delight in learning languages was evident while I was still in primary school and my older brother introduced me to High School French. This led me to study French and German at First Level for my Higher School Certificate in 1969. Further down the track, whilst studying singing and music, and living in Leichhardt, Sydney's 'Little Italy', I started to come in contact with the beautiful Italian language. This contact has grown into a passion, and this passion has evolved eventually into a dream now coming true.
On 5th February 2005 I took the all-important step and commenced formal Italian lessons at Casa d'Italia in Leichhardt. I worked my way through the levels, I started to lay down the tracks. Then with a small group of like-minded souls I continued on to have Italian conversation classes each Saturday with a personal tutor. Secondo me, l'italiano è veramente la regina di tutte le lingue.

Over the years, in my yearning to travel to Italy, I had been asking the universe to send me on a trip, per favore, to a country with five letters, starting with the letter I. Last year the universe took me by surprise and did send me on a trip - a trip to ... I.N.D.I.A. It was then that I started up my first Lonely Planet TripJournal, telling all about my joyful adventure to Southern India. It can still be viewed - 'a Journey with Jen'.

Now, the universe has once again taken me by surprise... this time, destination - Italy. That train is now in view, and I feel truly blessed, and so excited, when at last I say .... Italy - here I come.

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150 metres from the Colosseum
Welcome to Rome Jen!
Piazza Navona - entertainment
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My home in Via Marco Aurelio
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Lunch at a local gastronomia
Ukulele Festival
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Arrivederci Roma
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