Ken and Bobbi in Venezuela (Jan/Feb 2010) travel blog

Ken and Bobbi in Venezuela (Jan/Feb 2010)

Bobbi & Ken travel blog
Her: Let's go to Chile.
Him: Maybe... we've already been to Chile.
Her: Lucky for you. No frequent flyer tickets left to Chile.
Him: Wanna go somewhere with a beach and learn to kitesurf?
Her: Maybe... how about a river trip into the jungle?
Him: Maybe... I'd like to do a little climbing, though.
Her: I could go birdwatching while you climb.

...and on it goes, a typical discussion as we decide where to spend our winter break (and an excellent example of why we usually end up on separate vacations!).

This year, though, we hit upon a place that has all of the above and more. I'll try to post a few entries for our family and friends to keep in touch while we're on our little adventure, and for anyone who is interested in what's up in Venezuela.

Thanks for reading, and please do send us notes. It will be nice to hear from you.

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