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Welcome to my travel journal. I am currently teaching English/killing a lot of time in small town Japan. I'm living on the island of Kyushu in a town called Takeo, which is sandwiched between the cities of Nagasaki and Fukuoka. I share an apartment with my beautiful fiancé, Karen. I hope you enjoy my entries as I endeavor to keep this site updated with my adventures.

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Episode one: a new home
Episode two: settling in
Episode three: very japanese
Episode four: teaching begins
Episode five: a new arrival
Episode six: the one with the singing
Episode seven: Tokyo trip
Episode eight: cold japan
Episode nine: bangkok a go go
Episode ten: a northern delight
Episode eleven: a proposal
Episode twelve: a kiwi meeting
Episode thirteen: Island hopping
Episode fourteen: life in the ocean
Episode fifteen: time to shop
Episode sixteen: party like its 1994...
Episode seventeen: red card delights
Episode eighteen: sakura sakura
Episode nineteen: the end of hibernation
Episode twenty: shortest road trip ever?
Episode twenty one: "won't someone think of the...
Episode twenty two: reuinion
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