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"We like for its colorful and easy-to-use features like "Find a Friend's Web Site" and the customizable world map."
Sophia Banay

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"Thank you for creating such a fantastic travel journal for everyone - not just people with website management skills...

So many people we bumped into were astounded at the idea of this website"
Michael De Florio
Melbourne, Aus.

 Travel Journal vs Personal Travel Website: what's the difference?

What is a Personal Travel Website?

Traditional Travel Journals were created in scrapbooks. You'd write out stories about your travels, paste in photos, often including some maps of where you've been with your route traced out.

Personal Travel Websites were created by MyTripJournal to enable you to do the very same thing in an ad-free, online environment. The added bonus is that your friends don't have to invite themselves over for dinner to see your travel journal ... they can now follow in your footsteps as you go!
Where do I start?

Click on the samples and on the 'best sites' tab to view the best online travel journals. You'll see how similar Personal Travel Websites are to Travel Journals of old. The first thing you'll see is an introduction and a series of maps providing an overview of your trip. Click to see the maps that our travelers have customized to focus on their own experiences. From there you can check out their stories, photos and personal videos.

How do I create my own Online Travel Journal?

Click one of the free journal links and you'll arrive at the set-up wizard. A few steps later you'll be setting your welcome message and photo, choosing which maps you want to start with, and entering some sample text and photos. Check out the guestbook and friends' update notice features. Take the Guided Tour and learn all the basics in just 6 minutes. Later, you can explore the travel journal archiving options such as free downloads and storage of all your original-quality photos.

 Your online travel journal could look something like this one...

Close up map from a personal travel website

Close up map from a personal travel website
Sample photos from a personal travel website My European Adventure

January 15, 2018 - When the boat arrived in Santorini harbour, I was overwhelmed by the reception of both humans and animals! The donkeys descended thick and fast down some of the steepest terrain I have ever seen...   more


Jun  4, 2017 Madrid and gone
Jul  3, 2017 Bye-bye Vancouver
Aug  5, 2017 Uffizi Gallery
Sep  5, 2017 Last day in Florence
Oct 10, 2017 Athens at last!
Nov 10, 2017 Paros
Dec 14, 2017 Naxos
Jan 15, 2018 Santorini
Feb 18, 2018 To Athens and home!

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