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Mar 29, 2007 - HCMC: Kao Dai Temple & Cu Chi Tunnels

We went on an organised daytrip to the main Kao Dai Temple and to the Cu Chi Tunnels which have been used in Vietnam's wars. First stop of the day was a workshop for handycrafts where we were kindly given the opportunity to see how they are being made and allowed to walk through a "not at all overpriced" store. We felt like being on a granny tour. Kaodism is one of Vietnam's minor religions with about 2 million followers. Its main temple, the holy see, is located outside HCMC in Tay Ninh. The religion is a mixture of the world's biggest...

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Jan 2, 2007 - Phnom Penh to Svay Rieng

Distance: 129.3km We left our guesthouse in the dark in hopes of navigating through the streets of Phnom Penh in minimal traffic. It turns out traffic doesn't rest. Luckily Phnom Penh is a fairly small city. It didn't take us long to leave the city limits, but the traffic remained with us almost the entire time - enough to warrant buying a facemask en route. The road was unlike any of the ones we've seen in Cambodia that is it was paved. The scenery was flat, green and water was plentiful everywhere. We stopped several times for food. We...

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Aug 16, 2006 - Made In Cambodia - Part I

Hi Everybody One way to get young people to think about how they are connected to the rest of the world is to ask them to take a look at each others' clothing labels. This is something I do with my students most every year as advisor to the Human Rights Organization at Waynflete and the reaction is always very interesting - which is to say that the students are always surprised. Very little clothing the kids wear is made in the USA or Canada or Great Britian or Chile. It is mostly produced in Malasyia, Indonesia, China, Niger, the...

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Aug 16, 2006 - Made In Cambodia - Part Ii

Hi Everybody - Today, while visiting with the students in Svay Reing, I had the wonderful opportunity to give all of our students official CASF t-shirts. Yellow in color, these shirts have the CASF tree logo in front and the saying: "Education and Effort Brings Success" written on the back in Khmer. The t-shirts were a gift from an incredibly generous donor and were created last month by Dary, Fred and Kitty. When I told the students about the t-shirts, they went wild with excitement. As soon as I handed them out, all the students...

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Jul 26, 2006 - Takeo

Once again, I ventured off into the many villages of South East Cambodia to find the little village that Polo calls his homeland. We arrived in the afternoon after a tiring 6 hour journey, 3 of which we spent waiting for boats to fill up, from Kampot. We were met with a delicious Khmer dinner waiting for us as well as a nice bath. We went to visit our names on the Pagoda and then decided what to do that night.

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Jun 7, 2006 - Tay Ninh (Cu Chi Tunnels)

A great half day trip out from Saigon to the Cu Chi tunnels which are now becoming world famous for showing how the Vietnamese countered the firepower of firstly the French and then the Americans - by going underground, and pretty much in this area (end of the Ho Chi Minh trail) they did it right under their noses. This was a Viet Cong area from the start and the tunnels were to a large extent already in place when the US army arrived. The US put a very large army base close by to counter the VC resistance this close to Saigon (60kms away)...

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Apr 21, 2006 - Khmer New Year Pg. I - Unedited

Khmer New Year Summed Up In 214 Paragraphs -Written by JT PAGE I ____________________________________________ Well, finally I have decided to write an update for the Khmer New Year that we experienced at the pagoda. It began with Sean and Michel, at S-21, where they met a timid monk named Sa that wanted nothing more than to learn to speak english better. They talked with him for hours and he offered to escort them to his monestary where they would see what life as a monk was like. They graciously accepted and were taken and amazed by their...

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Mar 16, 2006 - Goodbye Vietnam Hello Cambodia!

Oh god another border crossing!! Hurrah a really nice bus which left Saigon at a decent time 9am!! We arrived at the border crossing in Bavet some 3 hours later hoping this one would run more smoothly than the last!! Immirgration officials seemed all to pleased to get rid of us with a swift stamp of the passport and a shove out the door!! Relitavly painless experience!! However we were then confronted with our bags on the side of the road (They should have been on the bus!!) Full credit to them for their cheek as they wanted $1 per bag to...

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Feb 12, 2006 - Tay Ninh Province

A couple of hours northwest of Saigon is Tay Ninh province, where the Cao Dai Holy See is located. I took a day bus-tour out there, not so much to see the noon prayer service, but to see their garish rococo temple. And garish it is! A young religion only officially founded in 1924, Cao Dai is a mix of Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism, Islam and Christianity, and has about 2 million followers in Vietnam. They receive their communications via seances and their main goal is to escape the cycle of reincarnation by living a life devoid of anything...

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Jul 30, 2005 - Cu Chi Tunnels & The Cao Dai Temple

A guided tour hasn't been the norm for us so far on our travels. For the most part we have been happy to avoid the confines of a tourist packed bus and launch out on our own. In Vietnam, however, they don't make it easy for you to do that and make it quite easy for the tour option. So, we say, why not? And we are rewarded. We catch wind of the double Cao Dai/Cu Chi Tunnel tour and do a bit of shopping around at the tour agencies. In the chic part of town, where we reside, the price was at around $35 per person for this particular trip, but...

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