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Mar 17, 2011 - Margarita Island

Thursday, March 17, 2011 Two vans transported us around Margarita Island, Venezuela. We were surprised at how large it is, three times bigger than the ABC Islands (Aruba, Bonaire or Curacao). There are 250 islands of Venezuela, and Margarita is the largest. We didn’t drive very far to La Restinga Lagoon where boatmen were waiting to load five of us in each boat. The day was perfect as our boatman guided the boat to spots he was pretty sure to find something of interest. The first thing we noticed were oysters at the water line clinging to...

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South America

Jan 12, 2010 - Happy Travelers

Ken's here. My backpack arrived. Nobody's storming the stores due to the devaluation situation, that we've seen. (Danielle, my sister who lives in Chile, reports that it's going on elsewhere, according to the Chilean news.) We broke the rules (and the hearts of our hotel clerks) and walked 3 miles to the airport (and back) from the hotel to retrieve my lost luggage and buy tickets to Ciudad Bolivar, and the following happened: -We didn't get mugged -We encountered at least 3 random people on the streets who beamed and said, in English,...

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Mar 8, 2009 - Chichiriviche

Chichirivichie (other something like that - can{t be bothered checking at the moment) Okay this is a very popular tourist attaction for Venezulen tourists - and its kinda weird because internaional tourism in Venezuela has not really developed greatly as yet and as such Venezuelans kinda don{t like us and kinda don{t really get it in a way... Its annoying in a lt of ways - like if they seem foreigeners the price automatically doubles and we know it and they treat as a lesser like they dont want your business.. CHoroni was less like that but...

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Aug 19, 2007 - Caracas

Hem tornat de Choroní, i ho hem fet amb un altre autobús tunejat, però aquesta vegada el "driver" tenia complexe de Fernando Alonso, i en les curves es posava a 2 rodes (o això semblava, ja no ho sabem), anàvem bastant cagats!. Arribem a Maracay, i amb un altre autobús (ara ja, molt millor) arribem a Caracas. Tothom ens diu de lo perillós que és, que no ens fiem dels taxistes perquè estan compinxats amb els atracadors, etc. així que decidim anar a dormir a un hotel al poble del costat de l'aeroport, un hotel familiar amb taxi propi. I...

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Aug 26, 2004 - Los Roques

This is the most beautiful place on earth, at least for the beaches. It is also one of the most expensive!!!! SO again I got to fly over coral islands and cays and it is really a most wonderful sight. THe sea is all colours and I can even see the coral through the water from a plane at 4000ft. Well quite a sight as the cays go on for almost as far as I can see even from that altitude. Wonderful. Nicky and I went diving for three days in an absolute pàradise. The dive boat would drop us off at a beautiful isolated beach for our packed lunch...

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