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Jan 15, 2005 - Angel Falls

After leaving the Caribbean behind we took a bus to Ciudad Bolivar (in the pre name everything after Simón Bolivar days it was Angostura). The bus had to cross the Orinoco River by car ferry (apparently there is only one bridge on the whole length of the river), which meant one hour waiting in the blazing sun in a sweltering bus which rapidly turned into an oven. We had to resort to ripping the covers off books to use as makeshift fans. Ciudad Bolivar had a pleasant old colonial centre (a rarity in Venezuela) and the biggest cockroaches I...

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Nov 11, 2004 - Return to Merida- Again

I have had to return to Merida to again wait for my passport, but I now have confirmation that it is on its way. However, my Venezuelan visa is now expired and I have to deal with Venezuelan beaurocrats- no fun either. Still the weather is nice and I might just go and work on my tan some more.` I have met some really good people while biding my time in Merida- they have supported me and kept me in good spirits most of the time- even when at my most desperate. We have had loads of fun and good times. Thanks to all you guys-Mark,Karen, Jack,...

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Aug 23, 2004 - Ciudad Bolivar & Canaima Nat Pq

Ciudad Bolivar is a roasting hot city that sits nicely on the southern banks of the Orinoco River at its narrowest point. THis is not a city to be arriving in during the hours of darkness however as it does have a bit of a reputation for being a little dangerous, which I can verify as I did see a guy running toward me pulling out a knife from inside his shirt and an angry look on his face. Fortunately he was after a local guy next to me and wasn`t after the only obvious^`gringo´that was to be seen for miles- me. THe river is very fast...

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Jun 21, 2004 - Angel Falls - The world's highest waterfall

Next morning we're up with the birds (literally, they are LOUD) and are getting ready for Angel Falls. Back in the boat and after another hour or two we're trecking through the jungle to get to the falls. It's about an hour and a half to the falls, and because it's just the start of the wet season we're told we can get nearer to the top and swim in the pool. Sam and Scott get straight in there but Katie and I bottle and just watch. Whilst there, a (we assume) Venezuelan pulls out a traditional (we think) leather thong thingy and head dress...

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Jun 21, 2004 - Cainamia - Gateway to Salto Angel

Shortly after we land we're greeted by our very loud guide Christian, he give us the low down on what we'll be doing for the next few days and pulls out a 6 pack. We gladly accept a beer (just to help calm our nerves or course) and hang out there for a few hours awaiting the rest of our group. Christian is getting more drunk and more loud but luckily he's not drivng the boat. The rest of the group arrive later (much later) and are a strange group of volunteer workers, one is wearing a Boris Becker style hair band - nuff said.. Anyway, we...

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