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Jan 24, 2011 - Mercedes

Time got the best of us being an hour later here we barely got our tea/toast/jam brkfst before we had to ck out. No big deal since Bon cannot call the bank until noon time here (5 hours difference). We went to the 2 bus agencies going to Mercedes, one leaves at 1 the other 340pm. Hopefully, we can get the earlier one but that all depends on Skype connection with Billings bank! Bon finally contacted Billings, all well now...got 1pm bus. Countryside is rolling hills, agriculture-cows/cattle, corn, wheat, soy beans, etc. Midwest USA, ha! Found...

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South America Plus

Jan 18, 2009 - Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires : Argentina The Argentine capital was a definite favourite with us. Wide tree lined streets, really spectacular old buildings, minimal high risers and well maintained gardens. You could feel it's history. The pink building from which Eva Peron addressed the people was not as overpowering as expected, but quite dramatic all the same. The pink derived from the blending of two rival political party colours...red and white...to signify unity. Supposedly, toned down pig's blood was used as the original paint ...that would have been...

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Jan 5, 2008 - Out and about

This morning I was awakened at 9am, yes, I know, too early for Irv, but hey, I'm on vacation and with the time changes and everything I haven't told my body its too early. Hey, it works for me, OK? So I head out by collectivo (the bus) to hook up with the tour guide from my school. He informs us (after coffee and 2 small croissant, in case you were wondering) that we are taking a trip to the North to a place called San Isidro, not California, Argentina! We make our way down to the Subte (Subterranean or Subway), buy some tickets, take a...

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Nov 1, 2006 - GUALEGUAYCHU, Argentina

The next time you stop over in Gualeguaychu stay at the Hotel Apart Bolivar, lovely place and incredibly friendly and helpful staff (although they did ask if Danielle and I were brothers, which she assures me was just the Spanish language, but i'm not sure! Obviously they are certain body parts that we don't share and you would like to think that they were quite obvious). When you get the taxi from the Bus Station ask for car 7, lovely bloke with a great knowledge of the backstreet money exchange business.

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