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Oct 12, 2013 - Reunions and "Lockspring"

Reunions On September 21st, we attended Larry’s 52nd high school class reunion in Platteville, WI. The festivities actually began on Friday night and commenced on Sunday afternoon. It included a visit to the Potosi brewery along with the Louthains and Pfefferkorns. On October 5th, Mary attended a Finley Hospital School of Nursing Brunch. The school was small and closed in 1985 so annually they have brunch for all alumni. It was great fun to reminisce with old classmates and laugh at the uniforms we had to wear in school including the navy...

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Oct 15, 2012 - Computer work and day of shopping

Fred worked on Cindy's computer most of the day. I took a few pictures of her wildlife in the early morning. Then Cindy and I left left Fred alone with the computer and we went shopping all day. We had so much fun. Went to some great stores that we do not have in California. My favorite was Gordman's. They had clothes, home accessories and holiday decorations. I bought lots of good stuff to take home. I hope the Tahoe doesn't break down because of the weight it is towing. Really fun day with my cousin. Went to bed a little early as Cindy...

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Oct 14, 2012 - Wildlife photos, laundry and dinner with cousins

Cindy had to work today. On and off all day long I took pictures of her birds and squirrels out her living room window. I washed all of our clothes and linens. It was raining and between the showers Fred would wash parts of the car and trailer so the rain could rinse them. I had just finished ironing when Cindy arrived home. That evening Cindy, Fred and I went to Nick and Jessica's home for dinner. Nick is an excellent cook and loves to experiment. He prepared a potato dish similar to one they had recently eaten while in France with...

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Oct 13, 2012 - Rain and Yerkes Observatory

It was raining today and Fred decided he really did not want to go into Chicago. Fine with me. So we had a lazy early morning and then headed over to the Yerkes Observatory. We had reservations to actually look through the 21 inch telescope on Wednesday evening but it was cloudy then and every night since. So we decided we would be happy with a day tour. Richard one of the staff members gave us the tour. He was both informative and funny. Enjoyed it immensely. Then we stayed a little while longer and toured the museum. Rather than write is...

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Oct 12, 2012 - Pumpkins and out to dinner

Fred stayed home today and took it easy as he has a cold. Cindy and I were going to take Jamie to a place with pumpkins and fun things to see and do. But we found a real pumpkin farm and went there instead. Jamie had fallen asleep in his car seat and we had to wake him up. He wasn't tooo happy and did not smile much in the pictures. Usually he has a great smile. It was so much fun walking around the fields and looked at the pumpkins and squash. Cindy bought six and I got one and five decorative squashes. The farmer was very friendly. I...

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Oct 11, 2012 - Slow day

I came down with what I thought was a cold. Hindsight I think it was allergies. Sure sapped my energy. I took a nap while Cindy and Fred got special light bulbs for her kitchen fixture. Then later I helped him put the light back up in the ceiling while Cindy was busy with Kaiden and Jamie. Cindy watched Jamie and Kaiden overnight while Nick and Jessica has a special night out of town. Later we watched the presidential debate.

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Oct 10, 2012 - Brunch, lake cruise and buy a TV

This morning I took lots of pictures of Cindy's patio wildlife. Then Fred treated Cindy and me to brunch at a restaurant in Lake Geneva. Was very delicious. They had clever decorations using pencils and crayons that I will share with school teacher friends. Then Cindy treated us to a two hour cruise on Lake Geneva. Lake Geneva is a Chicago resort town for the extremely well-to-do. The homes on the Lake are large and gorgeous. The cruise was narrated and gave us a history of the lake and it's inhabitants. Originally in the late 1800's...

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Oct 8, 2012 - Baraboo to Cousin Cindy's in Lake Geneva, WI

It was 36.3 last night. Brr. We use a little ceramic heater to heat the trailer at night and the trailer stays plenty warm. Our trailer propane heater is too noisy. Many many cornfields on the way to Lake Geneva, So many of the farmers are harvesting their corn. Always thought that Iowa was the corn state but Iowa now grows lot of soy beans. It's 56 and the wind is blowing hard. Saw two deer blinds. They look like enclosed lifeguard stands out in the fields. Arrived early afternoon at my Cousin Cindy's. She is 8 years younger than me and we...

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Aug 19, 2012 - Hey, hey, hey...good bye

Hard to believe but the BF'er Banquet has come to a close. It was another beautiful day with few clouds and mid 70's so outdoor activities were on the agenda. Everyone except me went for an early morning walk while I prepared breakfast for 7. There was a final ladder ball tournament, Don and Jeanne won the mixed doubles and Don won the men's championship. We then headed to Lake Geneva. Don and I spent the afternoon at the beach and did some lake swimmin' while the others browsed the craft show, had lunch and did some geocaching. We had...

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Aug 18, 2012 - Cool fun in the summertime

It was a clean crisp day yesterday with no clouds, bright sunshine but temps just in the low 70’s. We lazed around in the morning then kicked it into gear around lunch time. After a few rousing rounds of ladder ball (singles and mixed doubles) it was Annette’s day to pick the spot for dining. We all enjoyed Egg Harbor Café sandwiches and flavored lemonade before walking the downtown area one more time. The group split up for a while with Debby, Jim and Annette heading off to a nearby train museum and the rest of us back to our condo. In the...

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Aug 17, 2012 - The name game, let's do Chuck

The day started out with thunder,lightning and rain so we all hung around and read our books while we decided what to do. Unfortunately Don had already decided because he was under the weather and was just going to hang around. At lunch time the rest of us decided to check out the end of the lake opposite Lake Geneva and found out Williams Bay is closer to our digs. We drove thru that little village and checked out the swimming beach then headed on to Fontana. Blog reader and Decatur GA friend Renda Sullivan told us about a bar and grill on...

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Aug 16, 2012 - Say it three times fast.....Tour Boat

Just another fantastic day here in Lake Geneva. The big event was a luncheon tour of Geneva Lake on an historic double deck boat. This really is a beautiful area and the day was perfect for the seven of us to relax, eat and listen to the captain narrate the history of his summer playground. The mansions on this seven mile lake are amazing and there are a lot of them. Over 90 percent of the homes are just summer residences. Fact: an explorer from the NY Finger Lakes named this lake for his home town of Geneva. Because the lake freezes solid...

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