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May 9, 2014 - Short Note

I couldn’t get yesterday’s post out because I couldn’t log on to the WiFi at the Patricia Lake Campground last night and AT&T 4G signal was too weak to use the iPhone. I'll just post a short note for today with a few pictures. We spent most of the day on US 51 and I39. We ended the day just north of Madison at a KOA.

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Sep 30, 2013 - Day 21 - Mitchell, SD to DeForest, Wisconsin

As we leave South Dakota, I will share a bit of a song that we have been singing. Well, some where in the black mining hills of Dakota lived a young boy named Rocky Raccoon, One day his woman ran off with another guy, Hit young Rocky in the eye, Rocky didn't like that, he said I'm gonna get that boy!!! And so on, and so on!!!! (Thanks Beatles) Today, we drove out of South Dakota, travelled through Minnesota , and half way through Wisconsin. We are staying tonight in DeForest, WI which is just outside of Madison. Madison is the capital of...

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Aug 26, 2012 - Movin' On

By the time the clock struck 8 a.m., we were already on the Toll Road and westward bound, a nice early start to beat the rush around Chicago. We made a donation of $12.80 to the highway department at the end of the toll road; tolls are expensive when you have four axles. Then we left Indiana behind and entered Illinois and a few short stretches of toll road there set us back another few dollars. But, all in all, the roads were reasonably good and the other drivers were on their best behavior. Fuel prices aren’t all that different around...

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Jul 27, 2011 - Downtown Again

Day 12 – Madison, WI We’re downtown again today to go to the farmer’s market on the capital plaza. There are lots of vendors with vegetables, fruit, lots of cut flowers, and some baked goods. We noticed the number of Asians with booths. We guess they are Hmong who were brought to this area by the Lutheran refugee group. We also toured the state capital building which is beautiful. It was built in 1911-14 and is all limestone with heavy use of polished Wisconsin granite (like counter tops) columns and lots of Italian marble. It is ornate...

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Jul 26, 2011 - Downtown Madision

Day 11 - Madison, WI Today was a “downtown” day. We went to the Wisconsin History Museum to learn about the history and development of Wisconsin. We also went to the Wisconsin Veterans Museum which highlights Wisconsin’s role wars. There was also a special exhibit about the contribution Wisconsin made to the Civil War. History Trivia: More Southern soldiers died in Northern POW camps than Northern soldiers who died in Southern POW camps. After the museums we wandered down State Street which runs ¾ mile between the capital and the campus...

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Jul 25, 2011 - Taliesin

Day 10 – Taliesin Taliesin was the home, work studio, and architectural school of Frank Lloyd Wright. This was the home he built for himself. He was very honest about viewing this house as an “architectural laboratory” to try new designs, technology and techniques. He often used cheap, substandard (by today’s standards) materials because he used students to build it (early hands-on learning by unskilled labor) and also said, “I’ll just tear it down and rebuild it in a few years anyway”. It was originally built in 1911, but parts were torn...

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Jul 24, 2011 - Mt. Horeb Area

Day 9 – Cave of the Mounds Today we went Blue Mounds, WI (the highest point in southern Wisconsin) to the Cave of the Mounds, underground caves discovered in 1938. There were lots of stalactites and stalagmites beautifully lit for viewing. See pictures for some of them. There also was a beautiful rock and flower garden going up the hill behind the visitors’ center. We also went to Little Norway. This was originally a homestead for a Norwegian family in the 1800’s. It was in sad repair when bought in 1927 by a man from Milwaukee who...

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Jul 23, 2011 - Travel Day

Day 8: We’re in corn and soybean country most of the day. There are acres of yellow-green tasseled corn separated by acres of dark green soybeans. The corn is shorter than we remembered from last year. Ah, the farms of the mid-west. In Bloomington, IL we came across of wind farm. There were giant wind turbines as far as the eye could see—way too many to count. They weren’t ugly, but graceful as the blades slowly turned in the breeze. Going green! We also saw some amusing signs along the way in Illinois. Remember the Burma Shave signs by...

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Jul 10, 2010 - Catch up pics from Illinois

These are just some of the rest of our journey pictures. Just had to put the RV park on here after complaining about the one before!!! ^_^ This one (www.dwlake.com) is just off Interstate #57 near Champaign and it's a gem! Heading out soon for MN.... Love to all again! P & E

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Jul 9, 2010 - A side trip today...

I have other pictures of our trip through Ill so if anyone wants to see them, let me know... However!! As they say - sometimes a mistake turns around to be an adventure instead!! Luckily P is a patient man and doesn't yell when I say..." Hey! Lets...." ^_^ We were driving through the cornfields of Illinois today and decided to look for a rest area. Our trusty (yeah, right!!) GPS told us there was one like 9 miles up the Interstate so I said let's take that one... it did look like it was a bit off the road but we had time. So off we turned...

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Sep 10, 2009 - De Forest, WI - "Madison" KOA

We ended up spending two weeks here. There were just too many things to do in this area to get done in one week! While here we: - Visited Milwaukee's Harley Davidson Museum. This museum was opened in 2008 and was very interesting, both the motorcycles and the visitors. Talk about diversity! - Drove to Watertown, WI to tour the Octagon House. It is five floors of solid brick construction and was completed in 1854. It is one of the largest single family residences of the pre-Civil War period in Wisconsin. It includes central heating,...

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Aug 22, 2009 - De Forest, WI

It was another cold morning, but the good thing is no rain. We went to the Farmers Market at the Capitol Building in the morning. There were vendors selling produce all around Capitol Square and it was really crowded with people buying. It took us about 2 to 3 hours to walk the whole thing. They have this Farmers Market every Saturday and Tuesday in the summer time. After leaving the Market we went to the Corn Festival in Sun Prairie. It was really crowded there too. Admission was only $1 per person. We each had one ear of steamed corn and...

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