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Jul 20, 2010 - Surprise!

We have a few surprises planned for my mother's birthday. My brother arrives on the 22nd, and Heather arrives on the 25th. We have already surprised her with Matthew and Jonathan showing up last week (my cousin, Barry, was in the area so they rode back to Berlin in his truck).

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Jun 7, 2008 - Flood!

Returned to Wisconsin through a lot of rain. The Fox River is over its banks at Riverside Park where we normally put The Castle so we parked it in Mom's driveway. It takes up the whole driveway, and is taller than the eave of her house. She insists that we stay in the house instead of The Castle. Most people don't understand it, but we actually like living and sleeping in The Castle.

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May 18, 2008 - Happy Birthday, David! Mother's Day, Mom!

We rolled into Berlin today, and parked on the street in front of Mom's house. This is where David wanted to spend his birthday, and it's a belated Mother's Day gift as well. We'll park the Castle at Riverside Park like last time. We'll stay there for a couple weeks until we leave to drop the Castle off at Elk River RV, where we bought it. They'll be doing some warranty work. In the meantime, we'll go to another match, visit friends in Alexandria, and I'll go to San Diego for some meetings.

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Sep 25, 2007 - Maiden Voyage

Parked at Riverside Park while we figured out how this thing works. We got a good run-down from the dealership, but missed one part: how do you turn on the electric water heater? We don't want to go through propane while when we have shoreline power. One quick phone call, and the problem was solved. Since Riverside doesn't have water or septic (it does have a dump station and water spiquet), we practiced our maneuvers: pull anchor, drive to the dump station, top off water, park, drop anchor. This allowed us to develop checklists.

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