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Jul 18, 2016 - Wallowa to Prosser, WA

Wallowa Oregon to Prosser Washington Day 60: Monday, July 18, 2016 Maryann did the laundry on Saturday and we walked to a small BBQ place near the RV Park and purchased a rack of ribs, went back to trailer and had an excellent lunch. We went to church Sunday morning and there was light rain Sunday afternoon which stopped in the early evening. Brian was able to take care of the waste water and take down the connections so we could take less time getting ready to leave Monday morning. Our move tomorrow is 194 miles. Maryann was up at 6 am...

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Jul 24, 2015 - Prosser, WA

After a great stay in Gig Harbor we made a 4 hour run yesterday and are now at Wine Country RV Park in Prosser, WA. arriving just after 1pm. The cool temps of the Oregon coast are now hisory for this trip as we now are in the low 90's and get to crank up the A/C's. Shortly after setting up we took Bailey to the vet to get her checked out for diarrhea with some blood. Vet's diagnosis is stress colitis (probably when we were gone for 8 hours on day trip to Seattle) and have meds and will be on a soft diet for awhile. We did a wine tasting...

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Apr 23, 2014 - I've put away my flip flops

April 23. Caldwell, Idaho to Prosser, WA. Culture shock is upon us, and it's wet and it's cold! Welcome back to Washington, Kay and Spike! This morning it had froze over night, so we had frost in Idaho. And I was looking for my gloves as I took Miss Zoey out for her morning walk. But it was sunny and clear, and no wind today, so no complaints concerning the traveling weather. It was nice to travel through the Blue Mountains today and follow a bit of the Oregon trail. We had an interesting discussion wondering what kind of hardships our...

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Aug 17, 2013 - Prosser - Richland, WA

We spent three days in Prosser, Washington. On our first day four of us took the public tour of the Hanford Site ,which was established in 1943 as part of the Manhattan Project. The site was home to the B Reactor, the first full-scale plutonium production reactor in the world. Plutonium manufactured at the site was used in the first nuclear bomb, tested at the Trinity site, and in Fat Man, the bomb detonated over Nagasaki, Japan. Cameras were not allowed on the tour so there are no pictures from the site. There are, however, a few pictures...

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Aug 17, 2013 - Prosser, Richland, WA

Our stop in this part of Washington started with a visit with Mike and Carol, some long time fellow RV club members and great friends. They arranged a tour of the Hanford Site which was a fantastic history lesson. the Hanford Site was the Plutonium supplier for the first atomic bomb, and produced most of the plutonium ever produced in the US The Hanford site is a 500 square mile site, that at its peak employed 50,000 people. We ended our first day at Mike and Carol's home for a great dinner! Below is more information on Hanford. One of the...

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Jul 23, 2013 - Last day in Prosser

Another Beautiful day in Prosser. We spent the morning with one more wine tasting at Yakima River Winery. Great spot, nice wine but lots of stuffed animals from all over the world. I mean lots, there were everyting from Bears to Waterbuffalo. Sydney was at first appalled and then fascinated and peppered the owner with questions. Quick trip to Chukar cherries. If you have ever visited their store at Pikes Market you know how great these cherry products taste. Prosser is where they are made and you canbuy direct from the factory. We had...

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Jul 22, 2013 - Wine Tasting!

Weather is still hot and clear. The RV park has emptied out and there are only a few spaces taken, it is very peaceful here now. There is field next door with horses and the horses are very friendly. They will come right over for and take carrots from your hand. Sydney quite enjoyed this activity. Today we explored some of the town and the many vineyard tasting rooms that are here in Prosser. One of our favourite vineyards is 14 Hands Wines. Sadly their new tasting room won't be open until the fall. Perhaps a return visit will be in...

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Jul 21, 2013 - Washington Wine Country

It's hot! 38 degrees as we pulled in to set up for the next couple of days.Perhaps the Margaritavile maker should have made the trip. Looking forward to wine tasting and of course some bacon pear pizza at "Wine o'clock bar". We visited Costco for supplies. I thought we left our GPS "Betty" at home so we picked up a new one. Seconds after ripping open the packaging I reached for the garmin cord in the console and there was Betty! Lori took the new GPS back to Costco, full refund. Costco Rocks. Arrived at RV "Resort" to news that the pool is...

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Jul 24, 2012 - Prosser, WA

Wine Country RV Park. Nice park with even some concrete pads. Seems we go from bad, gravel, small campgrounds to the other extreme. At least here we're not up close and personal with our neighbor. I now have turned on the AC in the trailer. Yesterday I had on fleece in the AM - and we had the heater on for a bit in the trailer. But the sun has been out all day!! We've been happy to see the temps get up to the low 60's for most pf the trip. Roads were mostly interstate and we'll have that the rest of the way. No more worries navigating frost...

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Aug 13, 2011 - Day 74 - Prosser Wine and Food Festival

We attended the Prosser Wine fest today. The weather was beautiful. High about 85, sunny with a slight breeze. The entertainment was Flash Mob that played a decent country repertoire. They were expecting 2500 people and we guessed that was close. There were 5 tents with different wineries and and food available. We enjoyed some and others not so much. We purchased 2 bottles of Chateau Ste Michelle 2010 Harvest Select Riesling, a bottle of 2010 Chenin Blanc from Pontin Del Roza, 1 bottle of Kana Winery Riesling, 1 bottle of Snoqualmie...

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Aug 10, 2011 - Day 71 - Prosser, WA

Today we went out about noon to check out a few wineries and lunch. We followed Wine Highway to Prosser. Just inside the city line was CHUK-AR Cherries. The car took a quick right into the parking lot. We were greeted by a young salesman that explained the store, gave samples and answered questions. After the tour and tastes we bought a box of chocolate cherries, a jar of cherry-raspberry preserve that can be used on ice cream or toast and a bag of chocolate honey coated pecans with an ice packet. We then followed a map from the owner here...

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Apr 10, 2011 - Prosser, Washington

This is nice country -- Yakima Valley, the heart of Washington Wine Country, We had a beautiful park to stay at, but was it ever cold and windy the next morning. We pulled over early tonight to watch the Canadian Curing finals ---- Ya Stoughten! We know we have to drive through a mountain pass tomorrow, but the locals assure us it won't be a problem, so off we go.

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