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Sep 5, 2012 - Port Ludlow, WA

Wed, 05 Sep: Today we moved the final 139 miles to Port Ludlow Washington. We'll be storing Carpe and Dinkum here for two weeks while we take a cruise to... Alaska! We'll board the ms Amsterdam Friday. We departed Easton around nine and continued west on I 90 to WA 18 to I 5 and then WA 3, WA 303, and WA 147 to Port Ludlow. The weather was perfect and the drive relatively stress free except for occasional construction, traffic, and jerks! We can tolerate the first two but the last leaves us shaking our heads. We arrived at Chris' home a bit...

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Sep 17, 2009 - San Juan Islands, Sept. 2009 Shakedown cruise

We packed up our little "Slow Dance" and left on Thursday September 17 at Noon. Sunny warm day all the way to Coupeville, on Whidbey Island. We arrived at 6:00pm and anchored for the night. This would be our "Shakedown" cruise, as we had not taken the boat out since we brought her home from Canada at the end of May. The next morning we took care of a couple "boat issues". The head was leaking and oil was dripping from the engine. Once all leaks appeared to be under control, we headed north to the Swinomish Channel. The channel takes one by...

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Dec 20, 2007 - The End

16,570 miles; 98 days; 34 states; 14 collector spoons; 12 t-shirts; 11 walking stick medallions; 6 sweatshirts; 4 pairs of cowboy boots; 1 set of Mickey Mouse ears...and memories. Good times had by all - and it's great to be home. Do it again? Yes - no doubt - public restrooms and all. It's a "big ol' goofy world" (John Prine) and we are so lucky to have visited a small part. My mom is to be thanked most of all...without the money she left, we wouldn't have been able to do this without going into debt. Thanks, also, to Carrie for loaning us...

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Sep 13, 2007 - Leaving home (only a day late...)

We finally hit the road this morning. So many last minute details - I was surprised. It's amazing the nonsense that we can obsess over. Leaving Macy (our dog) was hard, but knowing that friends would stop by frequently to visit and walk her makes it a bit easier. The trailer ("Bluebell") that we are pulling (loaned to us by our great friend, Carrie!) is incredibly easy. We didn't have too much trouble getting it hitched up right, so by the end of this trip, we should be pros!

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