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May 13, 2019 - Mt. Baker excursion

We decided to see if we all could find some closer views of Mt Baker so headed off towards the ski area. There was still plenty of snow on the ground, but not enough on the ski slopes. However, there was still too much snow on the road to the viewpoint, and the road was blocked. They don’t clear it they wait until summer sun melts it away. The mountain peaks of this North Cascades area range from 5,600’ to 10,781’. We still had some awesome views of snowy peaks, and watched some people practicing some climbing techniques, how to secure a...

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Oct 17, 2012 - Day 8 - Mts Baker & Shuksan

Because we were unable to go to Canada today we took a side trip to Mount Baker. We never actually saw Mount Baker because it was shrouded in clouds however its neighbor Mount Shuksan was available in its full glory so we got pictures of that peak instead. Shuksan is 9131 feet and our pictures of it were taken from about 4200 feet. We also visited Nooksack Falls on the way up. We were fortunate in that it was only partly cloudy so we did not get any rain and we had just enough sunny times to enjoy the trip.

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Jul 29, 2012 - Mt Baker, WA

This was one of those days that the only way to describe it is just WOW. Our first adventure of the day was the ferry ride at Port Townsend. It was like being on a small ship. After a 30 minute ride we were off to find Mt Baker. At 10,781 ft, it is the third-highest volcanic mountain in Washington State. It is an active volcano, active is a term used to describe a volcano that has erupted within the past 600 years. Mt. Baker has erupted 13 times in recorded history. Its last eruption was in 1880 As you drive up close to this awesome...

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Jul 3, 2009 - Mount Baker, WA

We drove from LaConner/Burlington north on route 11, Chuckanut Drive. This road was the original main highway from Bellingham to points south. It is very beautiful, bordering on Samish Bay. We took some pictures of the islands in the distance, and really had a nice day. We took the motorcycle the next day and rode to Mt. Baker, through Mt Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest. We stopped along the Nooksack River, and drove downhill to Nooksack Falls. A short walk took us to the convergence of the river with a stream. At the meeting, the rock...

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May 22, 2009 - May 17th

May 17, 2009 For our last play day in WA we took the road up to Mt Baker. Relishing the warmer temperatures in the morning, we were unprepared for the increasing snow pack as we gained elevation. Although the ski resort was closed, cross country skiers, snow boarders and snowmobilers were testing their skills. The highest elevations were off limits due to road closures.

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2009 RV Adventure

Oct 10, 2008 - A Trip To Mount Baker

We had a fantastic day today! We decided to drive about 75 miles to Mt. Baker. On the way there we stopped at a little pull off to see the view. As soon as I got out of the car, a bird flew and landed right on my shoulder. I told Jerry to grab the camera and see if he could get a picture. The bird just sat there as if he was my own tame bird. I put my hand out to see what he would do and more birds flew in and one landed on my right hand. Awesome!! They just kept coming and one would fly on one arm while another was on my left arm. One...

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Mar 12, 2008 - Mt Baker rocks

Hello All Are in the middle of our first snow boarding adventure, decided to cross the border in to beautiful Washington to Mt Baker. The snow is amazing here and it's our first official roadie which is great. Christie is very sore - it was her first day of boarding. Zane is a kick arse snowboarder (self-quoted comment). We are so excited to be here! We've also both applied for a job at the local hospital - zane as a maintenance worker and Christie as a Physio. We have signed for this beautiful apartment just near stanley park and the ocean...

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