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Feb 18, 2019 - Corpus Christi to Uvalde, TX

Corpus Christi to Uvalde, TX 2-18-19 Happy Presidents’ Day! We are taking a road trip from Corpus to Uvalde, TX today just because. We wanted to get a look at the country off the interstate system so took secondary roads most of the way. The trip was about 200 miles and took five hours but that included stops for lunch and a couple of road construction delays. The day was clear and temperature was in the 50s. A good travel day. The roads in this part of Texas are good, flat, and have speed limits similar to the interstates. Our route was...

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Feb 28, 2015 - Uvalde, TX - Quail Springs RV Park

2/28 – 3/3/2013 (4 nights) From Rockport, TX we headed to Uvalde, TX, halfway point to Big Bend, TX. We drove on Hwy 35, 37, and then 10W on a rainy and cold day, 40 degree. We drove pass Corpus Christi and San Antonio. Stopped at a Bakery on US 90W and picked up a donut for me and a pecan roll & cream puff for Al. This stop was not was good as Rockport Donuts. We arrived at Quail Springs RV Park, an adult RV park, in Uvalde, TX around 1 pm and decided to stay 4 nights to let Al’s back rest. This RV park is small and well maintained. It’s...

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Apr 13, 2014 - Texas, the Lone Star state

Since our last entry on Tuesday we have driven clear through Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana into Texas where we are now staying at a small but beautiful campground in Uvalde, Texas about 250 miles away from Big Bend National Park. On our way here we drove along the Gulf of Mexico coast and we noticed how all the houses are fairly new and built on stilts, a reminder of the terrible hurricane Kathrina who struck here in 2005 and flooded most of this area. We saw lots of new construction as well as a booming oil and gas industry both off...

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Nov 8, 2009 - Langtry, TX to Uvalde, TX

Departure time: 1:45pm Arrival time: 5:15pm 129 Miles No ghosts last night but I swear I did hear a stagecoach come through! Ron said it was deer. He’s no fun. I’m going to stick to my story.J Woke this morning to fantastic weather! No need for A/C or heat. It’s great. Watched the sun rise and about 30 wild turkeys walking through here. Neat place. It’s quiet, other than an occasional barking dog, and the only human activity is the folks opening the Visitor’s Center and the Post Office at 8am even though there’s not a soul around. Visited...

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Mar 28, 2008 - On The Road Again

Can you believe it!? We survived working with Ernie for the last two months. Our last project was a fun one. Ernie said we would be spending a couple weeks at Boca Chica Beach.....the Gulf of Mexico! I was excited to be around the ocean. Little did I know I would only see the ocean if I drove one of the trucks down to see it. Our project was to put in a wooden cable fence along the dunes to keep ATV's and other vehicles off the beach. The job was a monumental one, especially when you had, at best, 6 people working the project. We loaded...

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Feb 12, 2007 - Oh Deer, Oh Deer, Oh Deer

WOOOOO HOOOOOO..........it felt sooooo GREAT today, to get out on the bike; temps in the high 60's, bright warm sunshine, the throttle responding to my nudging, the bike leaning in harmony with the curves, the confidence that that machine would dance to the music that I played for it............ Yea, I was thinking as we rode down the roads that my thrills aren't going to come from it much longer, but I am ready for that separation, that termination. Not Ready as in an absolute sense, but Ready as in I have accepted the reality that it...

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