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Nov 19, 2011 - Indianola, Calhoun County Museum & back home

I have been intrigued by Indianola since learning years ago it was a major entry point for many, many European immigrants to Texas and a very large sea port from about 1844 to 1886, only to be wiped out by two devastating hurricanes, only 11 years apart. The first hurricane in 1875 destroyed most of the city and sea port, but they rebuilt and continued to prosper. In 1886 an even larger hurricane hit the area, this time there wasn't much left of the city. At one time Indianola shipped more goods than Galveston. Sure enough, there isn't any...

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Oct 4, 2011 - We're gonna make this fit, dammit!

A while back, we got tired of replacing regular mattresses, and got a Tempur-pedic. We were determined to take this with us on the road... it's very comfy. No matter what, that bed was going into the camper. Turned out to be easier than expected, because Tempurpedic mattresses can be folded in half. Although getting the sheet sets on is a chore, we won't have to worry about them pulling out from under the mattress as we fight for covers. It was like getting "skinny jeans" on a bean bag.

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Sep 29, 2011 - Technology to the rescue (?)

I've always been a technophobe... most new technology seems to be little more than a distraction at best, and life-draining time wasters at worst. (Do we really need a phone app that makes parts of photos "jiggle" when you shake your phone?) I'm one of those people who loathes having to spend an hour, or a day, learning how to use something that now does the work of 20 other devices... there are always exceptions however. When we decided to live on the road, some of the new gear we discovered seemed made for our lifestyle, (mobile,...

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Nov 25, 2010 - Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving at Universal City, TX Today was spent at my brother's house in Universal City, Texas, which is a little NE of San Antonio. This was one of our original major stops in the Great Adventure, and I'm glad I made it. My campground location is about 45 minutes away, so had a little drive to get there. Since it had been some time - like a few years - since I had been to their house, I was basing my exit strategy from the freeway from memory, and only made one small error. Of course, it took me a couple more miles down the freeway, so...

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