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Dec 29, 2007 - Arrived in San Leon (Houston)

GPS Devices.... Global Positioning Devices or GPS for short, have become one of the hottest aftermarket items for cars and home use in recent years. These little bundle of joy's are used by just about everyone in one way or another for almost any use imaginable. Car navigation, hiking, hunting, geo-caching, and surveying are just a few of the best known. Airlines Pilots use them to fly across the country and land with uncanny accuracy. Many of the newer units use Bluetooth technology to make phone calls, have calculators, MP3 players and...

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Aug 4, 2007 - Trip Preparation

Last minute to do's completed and the RV is waiting for clothes and food. Truck and RV tire pressures checked today and all were low. The Lone Star chapter gathered at Thelma's bay house this afternoon then went to dinner at Top Water Grill. We all had delicious seafood. I spent so much time talking to Bettye Schwoeppe that I had to take most of my Coconut Shrimp home. Wish Bettye was making the East Coast trip with us but she recently handed over her Class C keys to the new owner. She was the perfect Wagonmaster and I don't know how we'll...

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