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Mar 24, 2018 - Relaxing at Falcon Lake State Park

We had some nice quiet weekends just relaxing in the campground. Sometimes I would go for a little look-see arounds and do some bird watching, sometimes we got some things done on the trailer. Sometimes we just did nothing. I did manage to get a quilt top done that I had been dragging around with us for a couple of years so at least that is something. In the next few weeks we will be zipping around Texas….two days here, two days here, two days here for the next couple of weeks, so really this down time is okay. Soon we will be rolling again.

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Mar 17, 2018 - Roma History

Roma A little more about the city of Roma Texas. It is a small town of just under 10,000 residents. This city has over 30 of its buildings (which is almost all of them) built before 1900 so it maintains a status as a National Historic District. Roma was first settled in 1765. It became a border town in 1836 when the Republic of Texas was established. During the Civil War the cotton trade was very big in Roma. Steamboats came up the Rio Grande so cotton was able to be exported to Europe. This made a lot of people wealthy, hence a lot of...

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Mar 3, 2018 - Spanning the Rio Grande

Today there was a big celebration in downtown Roma Texas. It is the 90th anniversary of the Suspension Bridge. This bridge was built in 1928. It was used to go from Roma to Miguel Allemon in Mexico for many years. It has been closed since 1976 but every once in a while they open it for celebrations like this, at least open on the American side. You could not pass the gate in the middle. There were young people there who had never been on the bridge before and old ones that used to cross it daily. At the bridge was a traditional handshake...

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Feb 23, 2018 - Spring has sprung...sort of

When we pulled into Falcon Lake State Park a few weeks ago, we had a problem getting our trailer to sit level. It was droopy on one side. As it turns out, we broke a leaf spring which is part of the suspension. We tried to find a spring or suspension guy to come help us fix it but we are too far from any real town with that kind of help. So Mike, being the talented person he is, studied it, researched it, ordered parts online and did it himself. These things need to be replaced in pairs, so that is what we did. We had a bunch of little...

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Feb 13, 2018 - The World Birding Center, Roma Bluffs Texas

The World Birding Center is actually nine centers throughout the Lower Rio Grande Valley. It was started about 2006 as an idea by a guy in Houston. A proposal was made, several entities joined, Texas State Parks, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Several Cities, and some nature groups. Cities were selected. Roma is the furthest north. They are each different but have birding in common. Then politics got involved and some of the sponsorship pulled out. The centers are still being run but not as a joint thing. Roma is now run by the city who...

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Feb 11, 2018 - Falcon Lake State Park, Texas

Today we pulled into our home for the next six weeks. Falcon Lake State Park. We have a view of the lake here and a lot of birds. We had a small herd of Collared Peccary in our campsite! They are also known as Javalina. They look like little pigs but are not really pigs. People say they look like pigs, smell like skunks and are really mean if cornered. We did not get close enough to smell them, and did not anger them. Some people say you can eat them and some say no way. So far one has not jumped into the smoker so I can’t say one way or...

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