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Jan 5, 2019 - Galveston, oh Galveston

Galveston, oh, Galveston, I still hear your seawinds blowing... Glen Campbell could sure sing, and I couldn't get that song off my mind as I made Galveston my destination on Saturday. If I had had one more day, downtown Houston would have been next, but NASA and Galveston came in #1 and 2. Some organization named the top ten cities to visit in 2019 and only two were in the United States. Houston was one of them. That's what the local Houston television station said anyway. I had been told negative comments about Galveston and was expecting...

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Jan 4, 2019 - NASA - The Right Stuff

Thomas Wolfe's book The Right Stuff blew me away and I was so thankful that the movie indeed did justice to the book. It is my favorite movie and I have been fascinated by astronauts since Russia launched Sputnik and beat the US into space. Or maybe earlier. I remember I was watching Flash Gordon when my mother got the call that Grandma had died. That was 1953. If you have no interest in space travel and have not seen The Right Stuff...I'm betting the movie would sway your interest in the subject. Alan Shepard, the first American to ride a...

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Jan 2, 2019 - The Drive from NOLA to TEXAS

I'm just going to post a few photos to begin getting caught up on this little journal. I took over 300 photos on my New Orleans day and over 300 on two days since. Editing them and deleting the ones I never want to see again takes a full evening and I've gotten behind myself. I am traveling today to a new location...another great one... but I will hopefully have time tonight to send another update and maybe be current soon. It was a long and gloomy trip to here in Dickinson, Texas on Wednesday and rained pretty heavy at intermittent times -...

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Feb 25, 2018 - Family Time

We just spent a wonderful week in the Houston area visiting Dennis’ sister, his two nieces, Suzy and Deana and Suzy’s 3 children. We were able to get together quite a few times and had one long visit with Donna at the RV. Unfortunately, the weather was not cooperative so we couldn’t have any BBQ’s over at the RV but we still had a great time. All of us were able to spend one day we went to a local flea market and then on our final night we were all treated to a fabulous meal at a local restaurant by Suzy. One of the highlights of the trip...

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Trip Journal

East Bound and Down

Apr 15, 2012 - Family Time

Hey y’all…do you ever find yourself picking up some of local culture when traveling? It’s hard not to in Texas! Anyway…. We have had a great time in Dickinson, Texas (south of Houston and about ½ an hour from Galveston Island). RV ALERT: If you are ever in this area, make reservations at Galveston Bay RV Resort and Marina. We chose this place because it was fairly close to Dennis’ sister and her family and it was situated right on the Galveston Bayou. Our site was on a fresh water lake but they also have sites right on the bayou. We awoke...

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Oct 2, 2011 - We're here...safe and sound!

Woohoo!! We arrived safely at our destination (Galveston Bay RV Resort & Marina, Dickinson, Texas). We are parked in a beautiful spot overlooking Galveston Bay. When we arrived yesterday, we found that the only spots available were back in. Our first thought? Uh oh (well...not really Uh Oh but to keep this post "family friendly" that will do). Back-in? Really? Do they not know this is our first time? Oh well, it is what it is! Once again, Fred amazes me with his skills. He backs this baby right into the middle of this space like a pro. Of...

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Mar 14, 2011 - Dickinson, TX

Map positioning. Another quick trip through Texas. Jared, Megan and Lily still doing fine. Lily is just barely rolling over now. Next time, she'll probably be crawling. Megan's mom and Aunt and there for awhile too. Travel time: 2 hrs. 5 min. Distance: 93 miles.

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Dec 29, 2010 - Picture Day

The Dickinson's at Dickinson Not much happening yesterday and today, so leant itself well to taking a few pictures. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. Of course, that alone should be worth a few thousand words, as they say. Ryan and Dani are getting ready to head back to Oregon tomorrow, so this was the last chance. Obviously, it was great that all of us were able to get together this year for the holidays. Naturally, Melinda would have enjoyed Alex and Lily, and I'm sure neither mother would have had to do anything while she was...

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Dec 25, 2010 - Christmas in Dickinson

Happy Holidays everyone (okay, maybe this will be a little late by the time it gets posted, but what the heck, things move a little slower down here in Texas, don’t they??). The boys’ families and I had a nice Christmas together. Ryan, Dani and Alexandria came down from Oregon this year, which we had planned several months ago. Melinda would have thoroughly enjoyed herself being around both granddaughters at the same time. Since I was staying in my own home (i.e. trailer), they called me when they got up, so we didn’t have the early...

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Dec 17, 2010 - Neighborhood Hay Ride

Misty Isle Court Hay Ride One of Jared's neighbors gets this trailer and lines it with hay bales, and all the kids - adults who can stand it - go on a tour of the nearby neighborhoods to look at the Christmas lights. The night was a bit chilly, but all had a good time - even the adults.

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Dec 14, 2010 - Softball Game

League City Ballfield complex. This ballfield complex was about 5 miles from Jared and Megan's house. It was a VERY well designed facility, with each of the six fields representing a major league field. The outfield bleacher area were all murals, painted to represent the particular major league field. This area enjoys year around softball. Could you imagine trying to play softball in Newport in the middle of December?? In addition to the ballfields, there are outdoor playgrounds for the kids, an indoor soccer field, and two concession...

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Dec 9, 2010 - Armand Bayou Nature Center

Visit to Nature Center Today I drove up to the Armand Bayou Nature Center for a little field trip. It’s not very far from Dickinson – about 15 miles north, 10 as the crow flies. I got there about noon. I had picked up a Subway sandwich before leaving Dickinson, so I had lunch at a little pond observation platform before going in. My lunchsite was a learning platform for younger children, based on the placards. This was a fee site, so I had to pay $3.00 to take a walk. The lady who helped me said I was the first one there today, and I only...

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