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Apr 11, 2016 - Last day in Cypress

This was a good day. After breakfast, we went on our walk with Emme and Coco. We then worked on putting the hardware back on the door and cleaning up the glass. All done, looks good. We went with Randy and Emme to pick up the rental Suburban from Enterprise and returned to watch some Looney Tunes with Evangeline. We enjoyed another tasty Brisket dinner, some visiting and then retired to the RV. We plan to leave and start toward Jax on Tuesday. All is good.

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Apr 10, 2016 - More door and tasty brisket

I worked on the door some more today. I applied 3 coats of urethane (4 hours time between each one). Randy fixed brisket for lunch, it was very tender and tasty. Currently waiting for the door to dry enough for us to put it back on the hinges. We plan to leave for Jax on Tuesday, 4/12. All is good.

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Apr 9, 2016 - Door

Today was project day. Took down the front door and moved it into the garage. I stripped and sanded the old finish off before putting on new stain. Waited 15 minutes, wiped down the stain and then put on a second coat to make it a little darker. We left it in the the garage overnight to allow the stain to dry for 8 hours before applying the urethane finish. Randy and Emme spent the day at BB competition where their team placed first and qualified for the national competition in July at Rogers, Arkansas. After we enjoyed a nice supper and...

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Apr 8, 2016 - New Tire

This was nice day. We started with a walk around the neighborhood with Coco and Emme. Coco likes for Emme to come along and give her some sprints along the way. Later we took Emme to her shooting practice at the church and then went to Discount Tire. The same tire that I had fixed in Van Horn was slow leaking again. They found that the patch had pulled away and was leaking....bummer. I was tired of having to keep putting air in it and the risk of complete failure so I had them put a new tire on. I will eventually replace the other 3 with...

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Apr 7, 2016 - Back in Cypress

This was a travel day from Waco to Cypress. Good and easy trip arriving here about 3:15. Just in time to see Lori and girls before they were off to gymnastics. We got all set up in the driveway, had supper and then went over to visit. We watched the 70's classic...Aristocats and then came back to the RV. It was a good day. All is good.

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Mar 20, 2016 - Sunday

We went to church and then enjoyed a nice afternoon with the family. Made reservations in Brackettville for Monday night and a reservation in Marathon for Tuesday night. Both are Passport America parks so the rates were good. Not sure where the next stop will be....just heading west. We watched Frozen and then retired to the RV. We plan to be up and on the road by 9am so we can make the 300 miles before it gets too late. We have enjoyed our visit here and will be back through here on our way back to Jax....whenever that is. All is good.

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Mar 19, 2016 - Saturday

Another nice day in Cypress. Quite cool and windy this morning. It cleared up and was pleasant by the end of the day. We went to Walmart and picked up a few things and then came back and walked Coco around the block after it warmed up a little. Spent the afternoon visiting and enjoyed hamburgers from the grill for dinner. Watched a movie with the girls and retired to the RV at 9. All is well.

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Mar 18, 2016 - Friday

This was another nice day in Cypress. There were storms across Houston late in the day but they bypassed us in Cypress. Emme went with us to walk Coco before her and Randy left for the Piano Guys concert. I did manage to wash the road dirt off the car, of course it was covered with yellow pollen again the next morning. We watched some movies with Evangeline and retired to the RV around 9pm. It turned cold during the night when the front came thru and was in the 50s by Saturday morning. We plan to leave and head west Monday morning....to...

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Mar 17, 2016 - Windshield Repair

I got a call from All Pro Glass who said they had the windshield and would be out to replace the windshield this morning. True to their word, two men showed up around 10am with new windshield. I had them check to be sure it was the right one before they started removing the old one. It was the right one. Less than an hour later they were finished and on their way and I had a new windshield....thanks State Farm. Emme went with us on our walk with Coco. Later, we went with Randy to take Emme and Evangeline to gymnastics. We had supper in the...

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Mar 16, 2016 - Antenna fixed

I finally got the TV antenna mechanically and electronically repaired and it seems to work OK. If I knock it off again, it goes in the trash and I will just cover up the hole in the roof and use a leaf antenna. Not much activity today. We went on our morning walk with Coco, had lunch and then went over and played several games with Emme and Evangeline after Emme returned from her violin lesson. Later we watched a couple of dog movies with them. Still waiting to hear from the windshield repair guy. Everything is good.

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Mar 15, 2016 - More time on the roof

This was another warm day. I worked on the TV antenna some more, both inside and on the roof. Still not complete, but I think I have the issue identified and can get it fixed tomorrow. If not, I will throw it away and get another one. Randy put brisket on the smoker before work. It was delicious as always along with the sausage and beans. We had our morning walk with Emme and Coco before I started working on the antenna. We took Emme to gymnastics and then dropped her off at the church for 4H shooting practice. Randy was waiting for her...

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Mar 14, 2016 - PPL checkout

Nice day, but very warm, almost 90 degrees. I spent some time working on antenna repair but still have not got it fixed correctly. Emme came over and went with us on our morning walk. Coco was glad to get back to our morning walking routine. We took a drive to PPL just to get the requirements for having them sell on consignment. Got the info and came on back. Still undecided whether we will consign with them or just bring it back to Florida. We shall see after we make the rest of our trip. In order to consign with them, I have to get an...

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