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Dec 20, 2007 - Another hitch!

We had ANOTHER hitch.... ANOTHER tire blew out on the trailer. The right tire, this time. The day started off badly. The hotel didn't give us our wake up call of 6 am, and we woke up at 7:30 am, 30 minutes after we had wanted to be on the road. So we started off late. We were making up good time, thinking that we could make Abilene like had planned for the day. We were within about 70 miles of Abilene, at about 5 pm, when the other trailer tire blew. We were about 9 miles outside of a small town called Colorado City, Tx. Keith hurried and...

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Nov 5, 2006 - Another Late night

We got into Colorado City TX at midnight. We were held up around the fort worth area as we went to get oil change...Get the break in oil out. Took three stops before we found someone who could do it without appt. and sat over the pit for an hour and a half while they scourd the town for the oil filter...Funny cause for the 15 years I have owned it always used PH8A....THat doesn't fit anymore...Crock whats up? Car is running great...cruising right along...still a long way from Yuma but will be there even if in the middle of the night...For...

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Mar 7, 2006 - Colorado City State Park, Texas

There is much laughter today. We see cattle ranches, oil rigs, small towns and dead skunks. To entertain ourselves, we count the skunks. We stop at Colorado City State Park. At the park we see hawks, turkeys, quail, rabbits, squirrels and a coyote. Fortunately, there are no dead skunks.

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