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Jul 18, 2010 - Spearfish Canyon

Today we decided that it was such a gorgeous day that we would head over to Spearfish Canyon and take a ride to enjoy the scenery. We've driven Spearfish Canyon before but it is worth a second trip for sure. We stopped at Bridal Veil Falls again and took a few pictures and then we decided to drive over to the parking area for Roughlock Falls. The last time we hiked over to them and it was quite a little hike. This time we are going to try and find the Dances With Wolves film site so we took the shorter option.

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Jun 18, 2010 - Day Trip To Savoy, SD

We start our day at the Dodge dealership. Our mechanic has finally jarred our memories. We had work done on our transmission BEFORE our 2007 Alaska trip. We also had an aftermarket shift-kit installed AFTER the Alaska trip. Our mechanic has tracked down a bulletin that shows this kit causes false check engine light readings. We take the kit out and believe our problem is fixed. It is a little embarrassing to think we caused our problem. Why does it take us so long to remember installing the kit after Alaska? Do not answer that! Remember,...

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Aug 16, 2007 - What's a Water Ouzel?

On Thursday, August 16th we left Devils Tower and crossed into South Dakota . The first town we came to was Spearfish, and in this gateway city to the Black Hills we found a unique museum called the Western Heritage Center . We stopped and it was well worth the price of admission ($5.00 with the geezer discount). It was started by two oldtime ranchers who wanted to preserve the history of how this area was settled, so they enlisted friends and neighbors and with the help of the community they bought a lot and built the two story center....

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