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Aug 23, 2012 - Going, going, gone

Yesterday was our last day "in the valley" as the locals call it. We are beginning the next leg of our great adventure. Shirley went to her sister Connie's grave site, this time with her mother and sister Leona. I stayed home to get things ready. The truck was filled up at the same station two weeks ago where I paid $3.839 per gallon for diesel. Today it was $4.099 and the cheapest by far around! Looks like we are in for high fuel prices through Labor Day. The laundry was calling my name today and I also washed the truck and camper so we...

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Aug 22, 2012 - Hangin' out

Not too much going on here. I went out and did BIG grocery shopping yesterday. We had eaten everything down knowing we would be away for 2 weeks and shutting the refrigerator off. We also got our remaining canned goods and frozen food from Shirley's mother's house. The big event of the day was taking Aunt Leona, her son Chester and his wife Pat and their two grand kids to dinner at Beeman's. That's two nights in a row for us there. It's getting cool in these parts. Leaving tomorrow for the Thousand Islands. Enjoy the pics.

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Aug 21, 2012 - Wilawana or bust

We are back in Wilawana PA and our camper. Don, Jeanne, Shirley and I drove and rode home passing into 3 states. Our day started in Ohio we next met Pennsylvania then New York. Due to the length of the trip and the fact that Don and Jeanne had another 140 miles to go and get their camper out of storage and set it up in the dark, they decided to stay with us. We had a very nice meal at Beeman’s Family Restaurant. Shirley went to visit her mother while we stayed back at the camper and chatted. This is the 6th time Don and Jeanne have stayed...

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Aug 1, 2012 - Finally...Olypics on our TV

I visited my brother-in-law Jack yesterday and he was watching the Olympics off his antenna.I have been trying since the games started but could not get the NBC channel here in the valley. He told me to not raise the antenna so high. I looked at his and copied the position and voila the Olympics in high def! Not much going on yesterday more like a domestic day. I did laundry, had the truck serviced. Shirley helped Aunt Leona wit some chores. We took Aunt Leona to an excellent home style dinner at the Wellsburg Diner. I watched the Olympics...

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Jul 31, 2012 - Finger lakin' good II

What a great day we had as we made a few stops in the Finger Lakes region of NY state. Shirley wanted to see the Methodist youth camp Casowasco on Owasco Lake. She went there 47 years ago. Wow what a beautiful spot right on the lake and what a place to go to camp. We stopped for a great pizza slice lunch in Moravia NY. Why is it you can really only get NY style pizza in NY state. What is so hard that no one else can cook it like they do here? Then we drove over to Seneca Lake to visit with some folks daily readers of this blog know well,...

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Jul 30, 2012 - It's a family affair

Family reunion #1 is in the books. What a beautiful day for the 80 folks who attended the Talada reunion at Waverly Glen Park. Everyone brought a dish to pass and there were some awesome eats. Shirley took family pictures of all the different groups. There was a playground for the many kids, a waterfall and a very large pavilion to keep everyone comfortable. This is Shirley's mothers side of the family with her Dad's side reunion coming Saturday. One terrific benefit of the reunion from my perspective is that our niece Melanie is a computer...

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Jul 29, 2012 - Taking the good with the bad

Well we've got this spiffy new computer and Shirley luckily backed up our old one 2 weeks before it crashed. So we have all our pictures (14,000). That's the good. The bad is somehow it appears the excel spreadsheet I have been keeping our stats on daily for nearly 17 months appears not to be there. We will be taking our computer and backup drive to Best Buys to see if they can find it. I hope so since keeping the statistics I do has been one of my trip hobbies. Not much to report on but Shirley and her sister and Jack went to a graduation...

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Jul 28, 2012 - In the burgs

Big day yesterday we got a new computer and I can finally get off my phone to do this blog. Not much going on as we ready ourselves for the first of two family reunions Sunday. We did however go to Wellsburg yesterday. Shirley lived in Wellsburg much of her life so we stopped by to see the sights. Wellsburg is very small and not far from Elmira where Shirley went to High School. More heavy storms expected today. Enjoy the pics.

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Jul 27, 2012 - Tornado Alley

The big news of the day was the rough weather in the late afternoon. We are in Wilawana PA just over the NY state border. We are probably 10 miles from Elmira NY (where Shirley is from) and the did have a tornado! Just a mile from where we are trees are down and the power was off. The Lord was looking out for us again as we went into Aunt Leona's house to keep track of the coming storm. Plenty of wind and rain but no damage. Down the road in Elmira there was even a curfew ordered. After the storm passed we went to Pizza Hut for dinner. Bad...

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Jul 26, 2012 - A day of WOW!

We left Dad's house yesterday at 11 AM and there was NO traffic wow! We were on the homeward side of the Tapanzee Bridge in one hour and 5 minutest , wow! On the way we stopped into a quaint little town just east of Binghampton NY. Windsor rates a wow! We went to dinner with Dale and Leona Shirleys sister and husband. Chinese buffet,wow! After coming home from visiting Shirley's Mother what whould we find hahanging around our camper? A BOBCAT. Triple WOW! We were a little spoiled because this huge cat did not readily move on as we drove up...

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Jul 9, 2012 - Free(port) at last

We had a great day Sunday but sorry no pictures. There was a little logistical problem locating the camera. Had a very nice picnic at Shirley' Mother's house with most of her sisters and their families. We left Monday around 9AM for Long Island and my Father's home in Freeport. It was a nice easy trip even though we went through the megalopolis of NYC. This was also the first time we have traveled this far without the camper on the truck. The Big Honkin' Dually got 19.8 MPG over the 250 miles traveled. Way cool! Heading to Maryland tomorrow...

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Jul 8, 2012 - Just the stats m'am

Remember Sargent Joe Friday saying just the facts m'am well this is your 16 month stats update. We drove to Shirley's Aunt's house in Wilawana PA, just over the PA border from NY. We are camping on her front lawn and we're not alone. Shirley's sister Dianna and Jack are camping too. We saw a lot of relatives, some we had never seen before and we saw Shirley's mother and step father Richard. More doin's today then on to Long Island to visit with my Dad and Herta before Dad and I fly to the wedding in CA. OK here are the stats. We have driven...

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