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Oct 21, 2015 - An adventure in the ocean off NC

I had not planned on making another posting tonight, but today was worthy of note because it was a perfect example of what can go wrong when you travel by boat. This was an early morning, with a 6 am alarm. We were under way by 0645 when there was enough light to see. We motored out of the Beaufort Inlet, put the main out, and motor/sailed for a while to catch up with Night Wind (friends we were going to travel with) who had left early from a different location. Then we put the jib out and had a romping sail, until the alternator froze up....

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Nov 2, 2011 - Mile Hammock Bay to Wrightsville Beach NC

11/2/11 Day 9 – Mile Hammock Bay, NC ICW MM 244.5 N34:33.1 W77:19.5 to Wrightsville Beach, NC ICW MM283.2 Left N34:12.4 W77:48.0 Left 8:00 am Arrived 4:00 pm - Miles Traveled 38.5 Weather: High 67/Low 41 degrees - Wind: N5-10 Hi All! Today is a SLOW day. There are two bridges whose timing makes it impossible to get through them going as fast a we can...so we have to slog along and take our time. It doesn't help to get to a bridge too soon and then have to do donuts for 1/2 hour or more! The sun is out and it's warming up! Yay! We are...

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Feb 10, 2011 - Will be in the Bahamas for awhile.

Hi All! We will be flying to the Bahamas on February 22, 2011. Will be staying on SLOW DANCIN' until we come home in May. So many things have happened in the past few months but we are excited to get the opportunity thanks to Rusty and Joy on SLOW DANCIN' to enjoy their company and get to salvage some of your Bahamas trip. Hope you will stop by the website and say hello when you can. It's always great to hear from you! Cathie of s/v INTERLUDE. OUT.

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Nov 17, 2010 - Heading back north on Friday

Hi All! We have decided to bring INTERLUDE back in segments. On FRI/SAT/SUN Tom and our son Christopher will try to get INTERLUDE as far as Belhaven. I will pick them up by car and bring them home. Probably sometime the next week we will try to bring INTERLUDE home or closer to home. Tom's Mom has been stablized. She is still very incoherent which makes it difficult but things are okay and hopefully will improve somewhat as time goes by. She is now in a Nursing Home/Rehab center. They will start therapy tomorrow and we will see how it...

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Nov 15, 2010 - INTERLUDE is going home

Hi All! With much sadness I am writing to say that our trip has now been cancelled and we need to find a way to get INTERLUDE back home. We are returning the rental car back to Carolina Beach tomorrow (with our car following close behind) and then deciding how and when to get INTERUDE back north. Tom's Mom was having mini strokes (TIAs)and then she had a large stroke Saturday evening that has left her with no use of her right side, etc. Things need to be done. Decisions need to be made. Help and support is needed for both Tom's Mom and his...

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Nov 13, 2010 - Day 8 Carolina Beach and driving home

Hi All! Well the day is not starting very well. We tried to pull up anchor but they won't let us leave the anchorage until 11am because of a triathlon that they are having today. We were hoping to get to Carolina Beach by 10am and starting driving North. Oh well...can't do anything about all that! We didn't think they would block totally BOTH ways to get out of the anchorage. Grr. It's strange that they would have this triathlon in November. It is very cold this morning and windy. Summer sounds like a good time. :-) Here's a picture. The...

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Nov 12, 2010 - Day 7 Mile Hammock Bay to Wrightsville Beach NC

Hi All! We made it to Wrightsville Beach, NC. from Mile Hammock Bay, Camp Lejeune. The bridges are not spaced apart where you can just go from one to another. They are staggered which means going very slow since you can't make the bridges on time so you have to wait for the next one. At Wrightsville Beach we had over 30 boats waiting for the bridge opening. Joy's (SLOW DANCIN')counsin from Richmond was at Wrightsville Beach for the day so we caught up with Pam and hubby Harry for a walk and dinner. We had a great time. Sad news on the home...

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Nov 11, 2006 - Yahoo for Wahoo

35 32.2 N 76 37.3 W Wrightsville, NC (mile 283 of 1,022) Either we boaters are the dumbest people on this earth or the inland waterway system here in North & South Carolina are the most hazardous that we have ever experienced. All day long we hear boaters hailing " Seatow" or " TowBoatUS" over and over again with calls for help from a variety of ailments. From diesel not running to no fuel to running aground inside the channel to running aground outside the channel to hitting a bridge to heart attacks to well you kind of get the idea. The...

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