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May 17, 2018 - TT Lake Gaston, north of Raleigh, NC

We departed Forest Lake on time and knowing full well that we were going to get into some rain along the way. The 180 miles drive went along real smooth even during the intermittent rain storms. We got onto I-85 heading north through Durham then took exit 233 to US Highway 158 E. to the town of Littleton and then finally to our Thousand Trails Lake Gaston resort along the edge of this beautiful lake. Lake Gaston sits on the border of Virginia and North Carolina. As Dave writes this story a couple of days after arriving, Rebecca noticed that...

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Jun 2, 2016 - TT Lake Gaston, NC

Departed our site at Pointes West Army Resort just before 8:00 a.m., anticipating a long day driving on mostly freeways, I-20 East to I-95 North. We shared the driving today of 408 miles. Dave miscalculated the anticipated miles saying it was going to be 300. It seems he forgot to "carry the one" when he added all the way points in his head! So, it turned out to be almost two hours longer than we figured. This is our first time to this Thousand Trails preserve, Lake Gaston. It sits on the border of North Carolina and Virginia and is a...

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May 24, 2016 - Lake Gaston, NC

2016-05-23.Lake Gaston, NC We are camped near the banks of Lake Gaston near Littleton, NC. But it is quite cool and very windy, so, we did not launch the kayaks Monday. The lake is lovely, though with beautiful homes ringing it and little islands dotting the lake. Roadie is having fun running around a big field and we have taken the time to watch the electric collar video so we can start our training of Roadie when we get home. Hopefully, I will get home without further injury. Hamstring is still a big problem. We did launch the kayaks on...

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Bayou Bound

May 6, 2016 - Still learning as we go

We decided to try going around Washington, DC on the east side rather than going straight through and dealing with all the traffic as we usually do. It worked out fine and the traffic was much better, but I don’t really think we saved much time as the 4 lane highway had more traffic lights than we have seen all the way from Florida. It is tough driving when you always have to be alert to changing lights as it takes a lot more distance to stop Otto than it does to stop a car. It wasn’t a long drive in distance, but definitely took a long...

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May 5, 2016 - Not Completely on the Level

Our next stop was in northern North Carolina, and not at all to our liking. It was a Passport America campground which gives us a nice discount, but otherwise we would have just left. We had a hard time finding a site which was level enough to get in and out easily, and even though our jacks are working great right now we have to start with a fairly level site in order to not overextend them. A definite no-no is having any wheels off the ground and the unit supported solely on the jacks. We did find an ok site, and Suzie had a good time...

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Aug 21, 2011 - At the Lake

Another lovely day relaxing at the lake. I could really enjoy this life... This would be a wonderful place for a LOWS campout, too bad it is too far to be practical. There was no sense exploring the area, it is really out in the wilderness, so I did nothing...I am getting really expert at that! Did do my laundry, ya hoo. and splashed in the pool, and had some yummy ice cream at the cafe on the lake. Other than that, I just watched the lake from a lounge chair and dosed in the sun.

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Aug 20, 2011 - Lake Gaston, NC

Because I changed my mind and decided to change my route, today finds me on my way to Lake Gaston --an Outdoor World RV park. I also decided to avoid the interstates today and take the back route, wandering through some lovely country. All rolling hills, trees, little creeks, small towns nestled in the valleys, in short, really a great drive. Most of the roads I used were pretty good for country roads, only the last 30 miles or so were on really narrow ones. I hate it when there is absolutely NO shoulder, just pavement and a drop off at the...

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