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Aug 25, 2013 - Thieving Raccoons!

In the morning, we woke up around 7 and headed down to site 6 to meet up with our group. Along the way, we saw some cute little sanderlings poking around the surf for food. Sandy was tired and rested under the sunshade while I hiked further down to the east end. It was her birthday, so I couldn't complain if she wanted to relax. We had slept in a bit and didn’t catch the sunrise, but it was another beautiful day. Beautiful blue skies and not a cloud to be seen. As I got to around site 9, I saw Heidi sitting on the beach looking depressed....

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Aug 24, 2013 - Beach Camping at Bear Island

This past weekend, we headed to Bear Island in Hammocks Beach State Park for camping, surf, sand, and sun and to celebrate Sandy’s and Jim’s birthdays that were over the weekend. I couldn’t take Friday off from work, so we headed out early Saturday morning, while most of the others had already spent the night on the island. We left Raleigh just after six and got to the park right at 9. We had just enough time to check in at the visitor center and grab our gear to make the first ferry to the island at 930. As the ferry was ready to take off,...

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Aug 26, 2012 - Last Day on the Beach

In the morning, we broke camp and brought all of our stuff over the dunes in preparation for leaving. But we stuck around for a while to enjoy the beach for a while before leaving. We walked up and down the beach collecting shells and even found a couple of unbroken sand dollars. But no more sea turtles. We heard that the day before, three baby turtles fell in a hole in the sand and couldn't get out. Luckily, someone notified the rangers who helped them make it to the sea. By late morning, we decided it was time to go. We had gotten a...

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Aug 25, 2012 - Beach Birthday

By morning, the storm had cleared, but there was still cloud cover over most of the sky. We ate a quick breakfast and took a walk on the beach towards the northeast end of the island. Not far down the beach, we saw what at first looked like an oyster shell. But it was moving and seemed to have legs. It was an almost black baby loggerhead sea turtle making his way to the ocean. He was very cute, waving his little flippers trying to move forward in the wet sand. But flippers are made for swimming not moving. And the waves were crashing in on...

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Aug 24, 2012 - Rainy Day on the Beach

It was Sandy's birthday this past weekend and we celebrated it at the beach on Bear Island. I think this is my favorite beach in North Carolina - the limited amenities and having to take a boat to the island really cuts back on the number of people on the beach and provides for a much more tranquil beach experience. We arrived at the park visitor center in the afternoon, checked in, and got our ferry passes to ride over to the island. Waiting for the ferry, it started to rain, but just a light drizzle. It was still raining when we arrived...

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Sep 10, 2011 - Beach Camping on Bear Island

This weekend, my last before the wedding, I spent camping on Bear Island in Hammocks Beach State Park. Saturday morning, we drove out to the park early, but still just barely missed the 930 ferry to Bear Island and so caught the one at 1030. I stayed on campsite 10, which ended up being quite a good mile and a half walk with all my gear. After setting up camp, I took a dip in the ocean to cool off and started to explore the island. At the east end of the island, there were many sea shells and a view of Emerald Isle and Swansboro. We headed...

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Nov 18, 2006 - moved to Surf City, North Carolina

Since the weather is going to get bad by Monday afternoon, we decided to go ahead and head further South today. We arrived in Surf City (geeee, wonder who picked this spot?). We have to make a decision on staying or moving for the next week, depending on weather..... That's it for today, a moving day only.

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Jun 4, 2004 - Jacksonville, NC

Long day of driving, first down the Outer Banks. We spent four hours taking two ferries from the Outer Banks to the Virginia mainland. Finally, we drove past the Camp Lejeune US Marines base. I've never seen so many tattoo parlors. We stayed the night in Jacksonville, NC - a completely characterless city. But everyone is very nice there, with a touch of southern hospitality. More photos online.

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