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Sep 4, 2014 - Chicken One Day. Feathers the Next!

9/4/2014. Thursday. Chicken One Day, Feathers The Next! Kenny stayed at the campsite today since his Aunt Ivy was to drive over from Roanoke to see him. Jenny drove Anita and I to Durham, NC to tour the Stagville Plantation and the Washington Duke tobacco farm and then have lunch in the "foodie" town. A retired history professor from Duke University led us around the Stagville Plantation, the largest plantation in North Carolina in the late 1700's through the mid 1800's comprising 30,000 acres and over 900 slaves. We got an insight to the...

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Apr 12, 2014 - Wildflowers in Penny's Bend

After a long winter, spring is finally here. To celebrate the nice weather, I headed to Penny's Bend Nature Preserve in Durham. This small preserve on a horseshoe bend in Eno River is one of the best places in the Triangle area to see wildflowers. Arriving at the preserve, the parking lot was full and I had to park along the street. Luckily, most of these people were here fishing in the river and I wouldn't have to worry about crowds on my hike. I started out on the George Pyne Trail that runs parallel to the river. Almost immediately, I...

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Apr 14, 2013 - Wildflowers at Penny's Bend

On Sunday, Sandy left with my mom to head up to Ohio for 10 days. The weather was beautiful and it was finally starting to feel like spring, so what better way to enjoy the spring than going for a hike to see wildflowers. I decided a good spot to see them would be Penny's Bend Nature Preserve in Durham. The preserve is located right across the street from the western terminus of the Falls Lake Trail. The bend is a horseshoe-shaped curve in the Eno River just upstream of where it feeds into Falls Lake. The flow of the Eno River carved out a...

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Mar 31, 2013 - Easter Hike at Eno River

On Easter, I had scheduled a MST hike along the Eno River, continuing the hikes along the MST in the Triangle since finishing the Falls Lake Trail. Despite the poor forecast and the fact that most of the hikers dropped out, I decided to hike anyway. Driving to Durham, the rain was pretty heavy and I was having second thoughts about the hike, but by the time I got to West Point on the Eno, the rain had lightened to a drizzle. I met up with Jim and Kevin and we headed out, crossing the footbridge over the river and hiking off on the MST....

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Jul 19, 2012 - Updating on life

Our hearts are still beating; we're still in this world. Much medical has happened since our last entry! It has been gruelling. You know, however, I have risen to the top again. This long tale began with having an MRI late June. The cerebellum tumor was increasing in size and collecting some fluid. Hence, a new state of the art technology was introduced to me. It is called cyberknife radiation therapy. After much number crunching(dosimeter)and measuring, a plan is developed for treating me specifically. Norfolk General Hospital(Eastern...

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Apr 9, 2012 - Spring Fling

Having an uneventful life is supposed to be calming and reassuring. Corky and I are like two cats on a hot tin roof. Travel became such an interesting way of life for us. Now we are searching weekly for something "fun" to keep us from mildewing-ha. Beautiful neighborhoods surround us. I photographed a few typical Virginia spring bloomers against a stately brick home. Wistera, dogwoods, and azelas can be seen on these pictures. Seeing these, along with bright sunshine, helps to soothe and smooth our souls. Two weeks ago the cool damp air...

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Oct 2, 2011 - St. Joseph, MO and the Pony Express

This is the time of year when you have to pack more variety of clothing. It is still 90 + degrees in some southern areas, but the days are getting quite cool in the mountains. Maybe even snow in passes. So I added a couple long sleeve shirts, flannels and scarves. At least the humidity is not as high, which is a pleasant change. We left Maine with our typical Walmart local delivery stuff and ended up in Connecticut. After that, we did 2 high value, top secret loads in which we ended up in North Carolina. These are TOP SECRET so I can’t say...

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Sep 15, 2011 - Visiting Friends And Our Niece Heather in North Carolina

We left Front Royal this morning in sunny weather and traveled through rural Virginia toward our next destination of Durham, NC. We enjoyed the many farms and small towns along the way. When we got near Oxford, NC we ran into a severe thunder and lightening storm. We had thunder so hard the truck shook. There was lightening all around us and flash after flash with double and triple bolts. Then there was the rain. It was raining so hard that the rain was coming down in sheets. We had to drive at 15-20 mph and stop several times because...

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Jun 27, 2009 - Blue Ridge Parkway

Saturday, June 27, 2009 We ate breakfast outside in downtown Asheville at the Tupelo Honey Café where we had sweet potato pancakes with peach butter, cinnamon and spiced pecans. We visited the Childrens Museum at Pack Place and had a blast! We drove north on the Blue Ridge Parkway and hiked to Craggy Pinnacle at 6085 feet elevation, 360 degree magnificent views and whipping winds, with temperatures dropping 30 degrees The trails were covered in blueberry bushes and rhododendrons. We stopped at Buck Creek, aka “Butt Crack” (if you say it...

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Trip Journal

Going East

Jun 26, 2009 - Durham, NC

In spite of lots of preparation, this morning seemed hectic. What if we forget something important? Electricity converter-check, Italian phrase-book courtesy of Janice-check, stuff to keep us occupied on the long plane ride-check, not too much stuff to weigh us down-check... newspaper held-check, animals cared for-check... Felt anxiously excited, or excitedly anxious.. Miriam took us to the airport and we started to relax. On our way, now. Nothing we can do now.. Delta line taking forever. Canceled flights.. Kiosk not working. Finally after...

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Nov 16, 2007 - Mockville / Old Salem / Durham, NC

Our morning started with a visit to an RV dealer which services our Lexington brand of RV. We've had no glitches so far, but just wanted to make sure everything was in tip-top shape as we knew the next week of our itinerary would include a lot of driving at high elevations. (We also thought it would be nice to learn how to operate our hot water tank, a little luxury we had yet to figure out). We were kindly accommodated for a fee, and with all systems go we were on our way back to Winston-Salem. Our plan was to visit Old Salem, a living...

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Jan 14, 2001 - 1989 March 11 - Durham - West Point on the Eno

Today I visited West Point on the Eno, a historic location in Durham. Only two of the original work buildings remain - the tobacco barn and the pack house. Hugh Magnum’s photographs provide a lot of information about the farm. His glass negatives were given to Duke University. The photographs exhibited in the museum were printed from 500 of his glass negatives. The Magnum House (built in the 1840s) was restored in the early 1970s.

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