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Jan 10, 2005 - Return to New York and back to Blighty

Jan 6, from Boston, we caught an express bus to central New York (about 4 hours) and from there, an airport bus to JFK (about 1 hour). We had forgotten to confirm our return flights so we had to wait 2 hours to find out whether we could get on the plane. Fortunately, all was okay in the end and we were able to get seats. The flight back was uneventful and arrived 45 min early at Heathrow. And thats it. We arrived back thoroughly exhausted (and me with a nasty cold) but I definitely feel a sense of accomplishment and personal development....

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Zimbo's in America

Jan 3, 2005 - NYC QE2 & Departure

As, we arrive in New York City, at last, this decision seems real. After gathering our bags,we catch a shuttle that will take us to the ship.It takes only a moment to realize that two of our fellow passengers are from Bluffton, SC. A small world indeed! The first glimse of the ship docked in the harbor proves to be very exciting! The departure was awesome!

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Jan 3, 2005 - Happy New year from New York!

Hello all - hope everyone ok and saw in 2005 with suitable celebration! I am now in the Big Apple seeing my mate Ailsa who lives out here. Arrived on the 30th after a day on the plane and was delighted to get here, though disappointed that my S American adventures were over. Have been very much enjoying myself here, mostly hanging out with Aily and Neil and seeing in the New Year here at their flat with friends. Of course they don't show "the bongs" here - having a big ball thing that drops down in Time Square instead - so I missed Big Ben,...

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Dec 26, 2004 - NEW YORK (u.s.a.)

After what seemed like an incredibly quick 2 weeks back in England catching up with family, friends, unpacking, repacking and enjoying Christmas we departed again on Boxing Day to start the 2nd leg of our journey. After a quick flight down from Manchester to Heathrow (during which we met Manchester United legend Peter Schmeichal (?)) we set off for our week long stay in New York. Upon arrival we headed off to our upper west side hostel and due to the late hour we made it a short night and headed off to sleepy land. Quite an achievement...

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Dec 23, 2004 - The Big Apple

As soon as we arrived in New York it immediately began to feel like Christmas time. The buildings and trees were totally covered in lights. It was also very cold, a big change from Brazil And Peru. We arrived at our apartment in Manhattan which was in a very nice, safe and quiet neighbourhood but was only 10 minutes walk from 5th Av. and all the major sights of the city. The apartment itself was very small and cosy and we felt at home straight away.

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Dec 14, 2004 - The human zoo that is New York

When one arrives in New York, one feels as if they already know the place, thanks so much to the US movie and television industry. One could be led to believe that what you see and hear on the movie and on the tv is just that 'make-believe'. Oh No. New York is a human zoo. You could spend years just looking and studying all that makes up this wonderful city. Don't get me wrong, New York is very exciting and full of wonderful things, but you can't help but think its a very sureal, if not unreal place. After waiting a bit longer than expected...

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Dec 14, 2004 - Getting to NYC

Get a very early cab to Seattle airport (our trip was never meant to involve early flights) and checkin. Bloke tells us that our lounge is on the left. Well that's what we thought he said. What he meant was that there is a separate queue for "Elite" passengers on the left. Woooo - a separate queue don't you say. When we try to get in to the lounge, reception witch tells us that we can't because we're not flying internationally. We're not best pleased. The only other option is the NorthWest Airlines lounge and that will involve going through...

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Dec 11, 2004 - Julehandel i New York

Bussturen fra Playa del Carmen til Mexico City tok 24 timer med buss. Avgang kl 07.30 tirsdag morgen og ankomst kl 08.00 onsdag morgen. Å sitte stille i 24 timer er et eneste langt mareritt. Mer er det ikke å si om den turen ! Fra busstasjonen i Mexico tok vi taxi til flyplassen, som kun lå et steinkast unna. Flyet vårt til New York hadde avgang kl 14.00 så for en gang skyld var vi ute i god tid. Men på flyplassen fikk vi tilbud om å hoppe på et fly som gikk kl 09.00 i stedet. Dermed kan vi notere tidenes korteste opphold i Mexico City : 1...

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Nov 30, 2004 - New York

We had a great Thanksgiving with Becky's family in Massachusetts. We got our trip off to a bad start though by leaving several essentials at Becky's house and having to get them overnighted to us. Hope this isn't a sign of things to come! We took the Chinatown bus from Boston to New York, chatting with our friend Bethany the whole way. Now we're in New York, staying with our college friends Bill and Joe. Yesterday we wandered around, finished up some errands, and went to Brother Jimmy's bar to meet up with friends. Today we're just laying...

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Nov 18, 2004 - Old friends in New York

I can´t believe it. I packed up my flat, finished up at my job, said goodbye to family and friends, and took off. Again! This time it seemed so much more exhausting than I remember. And I already look forward to getting back. As cold and windy and bloody rainy that London is, it is my home, for now. Thanks to all who came to see me off, either at Guanabara Bar in Covent Garden (let that be the last time for a while I pay that much for a Brazilian caipirinha), or at home in Herne Hill, where BBQs in November are nothing unusual! But...

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Nov 4, 2004 - To New York.

We left early to avoid to many problems driving out of the city. It was a pretty uneventful drive, though we did stop for a 99c breakfast at IKEA! Finding the hotel was a bit of a nightmare. We are staying in New Jersey, next to Giants Stadium. However, after finding the stadium it took us a further hour to find the hotel. Once checked in we had to drive across New York to JFK to drop the car back. We then caught the subway then the bus back to the hotel. This journey took a good 4-5 hours in the end and we were worn out when we arrived...

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Oct 22, 2004 - A long drive.

We picked the car up from Avis before 8am and set of on our drive to Sandusky. The first part of the drive took us through Queens past Flushing Meadows (US Open Tennis) and Shea Stadium (NY Mets Baseball). We then went over the George Washington Bridge which gave us our first vies of the Manhattan Skyline. The road the went through the Bronx, past Yankee Stadium and the out off of Manhattan Island in to New York State. The drive was a very long one out of New York State and across Pennsylvania, where we stopped in the middle of nowhere for...

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