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Jun 8, 2008 - Mount Lafayette, NH

The climb up Mount Lafayette involves a combination of Falling Waters Trail, Franconia Ridge, and Greenleaf Trail, and is apparently one of New England’s most dramatic hikes. From our Mt Washington climb, we'd learned to start early. This time, we left home by 6:30 AM and started the hike at around 9:00 AM. We started on the Falling Waters Trail. This trail crisscrosses Walker Brook and Dry Brook ascending rock staircases. On our very first sighting of the brook we were quite excited and decided to hike through the brook (along it) for a...

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New England

Oct 4, 2006 - New Hampshire and the Crawford Notch in the White mountains

So after leaving Maine and heading for Cape Cod Jacquie decided she wasn't done with the fall leaves and told me to hang a right. We ended up in the White Mountains in New Hampshire. We stopped at the first campground we could find and the owner told us that the leaves were peaking over the next two days. Now I for those of you from the east coast you get to see the leaves every fall, but for those of us from the west coast this was simply amazing. We spent 4 days hiking and just driving around amongst the most incredible fall colours we...

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Sep 24, 2005 - The leaves, they are so pretty

The KOA I am in tonight won the franchisee of the year award for 2004. It's obvious why - the people who own the campground actually are in the office checking you in. They offered to tell me how to get to any of the local attractions, mentioned a pancake breakfast tomorrow morning (thanks be to Jesus, only $4.50 and I don't have to cook.) They also have a bonfire tonight and an ice cream social. The Kabin itself is clean. The bathrooms, which aren't a far walk for me at all, are also clean. I love this place. And, only $52 for the night....

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Sep 24, 2005 - I am addicted to football

I just walked across the campground in the dark with my laptop held before me like a votive offering to the football gods - trying to get a decent line of sight to the wireless modem to pick up the football game feed (think of the cell commercial where the guy keeps saying "Can you hear me now?" ad nasuem - I lost the feed just after Tony Tompkins had run back a kick-off for a touchdown. Just after BC scored a touchdown to tie the game at 20. It just figures that I miss the home game where he runs one back for a touchdown. If they win, I...

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