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Sep 26, 2019 - Sonoma to Winnemucca, NV

September 26, 2019 We are off on our 12th camping adventure but not in our old faithful Roadtrek Adventurous! About a month ago we were at Jeanne and Chad’s for dinner where we met Tamie Honey who happened to be selling her 2012 MB Sprinter Via 25T. The rest is history! We picked up Miss Daisy on September 7, an hour after we got the news that Claire Marie, our first grandchild was born. (It was a BIG and exciting day for us!). We had not talked about a bigger rig but realized if we wanted to continue our travels we would be more...

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Aug 16, 2019 - Heading back to Arizona

We are heading back to Az. Pete's right foot is healing from a surgical procedure, so there is some swelling off & on (which they tell us is normal). Now his left foot is swelling & causing some pain. So we decided to return to Az, so Pete can see his primary care doctor at the VA in Tucson. Traveled 404 miles today & staying in Winnemucca, NV for the night. Tomorrow Pahrump, Nevada tomorrow.

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Oct 15, 2018 - Destination Winnemucca, Nevada

Our summer travels are slowly coming to an end, we left Crescent, Oregon (and leaving behind the cold temps). We'll miss Bruce, Donna & their beautiful park...see you next summer. We have three stops planned before landing back at Picacho Peak RV Resort for the winter. First stop is Winnemucca, NV (a one night stay) then off to Hawthorne, NV (also a one night stay)...last stop will be Pahrump, NV for two nights. We should be back at the Peak Friday afternoon.

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Oct 14, 2018 - Wendover, UT to Winnemucca, NV

Other than Michigan beating Wisconsin nothing was memorable about last night. We ordered pizza from Pizza Hut as it was most convenient. Not sure I have ever had Pizza Hut previously but am sure I won’t again. It is obvious we are close to home as we are getting lazy. In Winnemucca tonight it will be even more of a challenge as we don’t like any of the restaurants. There is a good grocery store, Ridley’s Family Market, close to the Casino where we are staying. We could cook in the rig!!! Took an hour walk from Wendover, UT to West Wendover,...

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Oct 6, 2018 - Winnemucca, NV

Bill carefully maneuvered the rig out of the spot we were in, he made the very tight right turn into the aisle and cleared the rig that was sticking out (in our way) by about two inches! I felt like doing a little dance! We got back onto I-80, and almost as soon as we got out of the Salt Lake City area, we came upon the salt flats and the lake. West of there, the salt turned into sand. Just as I was thinking how monotonous this leg of the drive was going to be, Bill asked me if I was reading the names. HUH? For much of the hundred miles of...

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Oct 5, 2018 - I-80

I-80, the Dwight D. Eisenhower Highway, took us west, roughly following the Humboldt River, to Winnemucca. In 1919, young Army officer Eisenhower travelled in a military convoy from Washington, D.C. to San Francisco. The journey took 62 days. After traveling Germany's autobahns Eisenhower argued that the security of the USA needed an interstate highway system to move military personnel quickly to any border. As President, D.W. Eisenhower signed 1956 legislation that gave birth to the Interstate Highway System.

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Oct 5, 2018 - Glamping in Winnemucca

Friday, October 5: Baker, Nevada → Winnemucca, Nevada Weather: high 40sF and sunny, low 60s and partly sunny in the afternoon with clouds building towards evening Route: Baker, NV → US-50W → NV-278 → I-80W → Winnemucca KOA Highlights: - We got an early start at 6:00 by skipping the usual hot oatmeal breakfast, opting instead for cold Muesli with extra oatmeal and coffee. 46F was a little nippy but the air was more clear and sunny than any other day of our visit. - The views of Jefferson Davis and Wheeler Peaks, both snow-covered down to...

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Sep 30, 2018 - Kindness

Eastern Oregon in many places reminded me of Uzbekistan and the flats of Patagonia. Scruffy, featureless, sagebrush barren. Nevada is the same, with real mountains thrown in. I have strict orders to take care of car maintenance. I still take the blame for a broken timing belt in a Honda station wagon some years back that cost us the engine. Vowing to change oil every 5,000 miles, I pulled into Winnemuca at 165,003 and immediately searched for an oil change joint. The 10 minute place had closed at noon. Ditto the PDQ place. Wal Mart auto...

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Stateside Road Trip

Aug 15, 2018 - Sonoma, Ca to Winnemucca, NV

August 15, 2018 Hard to believe that this will be our 9th 2 month rig trip that we have taken. We took the eastern Canada and New England trip in September 2013 and it was one of our favorites. We experienced fall color for nearly the entire trip and hope we have the same experience this time. The BIG difference since our first trip in 2012 is that we are now having to research and plan our trips more specifically. We usually stay at the BW in Winnemucca but when I looked at the room cost it was $260 plus!!! The campground was full and...

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Jun 8, 2018 - Destination: Winnemucca, Nevada

Jo fed me lunch and dinner yesterday and then I pigged out on her berry pie for breakfast this morning. Her strawberries for dessert tonight. Spoiled? Yep. I did not unhook in Loomis and was ready to go in no time. I got Buddy in his carrier before he realized what was happening. Boots didn't even try to avoid me this morning. Buddy made it known for two hours, however, how he was not liking this travelin' business. When I got set up in Winnemucca, he disappeared again, but this time only for about 30 minutes. As he had been returned to the...

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May 31, 2018 - Winnemucca, NV May 22-23

We left Torrey (capitol Reef) early in the morning because we had a 565 mile day ahead of us. Not long after we left Torrey we were in a different world in terms of the scenery. Everything was quite green and the terrain was very up and down. Tom pays close attention to the signs for the downgrades when we are travelling in the mountains and generally there does not seem to be any anxiety on his part. But one was 11% in 2 miles – that is steep and we didn’t talk while we traversed that length of highway. Our mountain driving leveled out as...

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May 20, 2018 - Off to Winnemucca, NV

We have moved up to Winnemucca, Nevada for a 3 night stay. Our trip here was an easy drive, little traffic & no road warriors trying to run everyone else over. Weather was good, it started clouding up, but thats ok....cool weather is good. The 5th-wheel decided to throw us a curve ball today, gears (or a gear) inside the right landing gear broke. We got the trailer off the truck before it threw us this so called curve ball. The fun will be trying to get it back on the truck to move on, Pete & Roger say they can do it, no problem...ok. So we...

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