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Oct 1, 2016 - Outhouse Races

We spent the day in Virginia City watching one of the most unusual races we have ever seen. We were here before for the Camel Races and the Ostrich Races, today we watched the Outhouse Races. :-) The Races pit teams of costumed outhouse racers against each other. One person rides and the remaining team members push, pull or drag the decorated outhouses down the racetrack. This fun and hilarious event marks a moment in history when the townspeople once took their outhouses to the streets and marched to city hall to protest new ordinances...

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Jun 2, 2016 - Virginia City, NV

Had a great time as usual in VC....good food, drink, entertainment and enjoying the history of the old West. We stayed in our rig in the RV Park with Greg & Ginny in their rig in town and have some pretty good pics...like wild horses right outside the camper and also pics from the Bucket of Blood saloon where I got 'shangied' so to speak. Will get the pics up soon. Back home to Reno is next and then to Coleville, CA later this month with the Elks Group.

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Jul 29, 2014 - Virginia City

Virginia City is located in western Nevada at the base of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, just south of Reno & I-80. It was once the richest gold producing area in the United States. Today there are shops & restaurants, most of the buildings still retain there original facades. We arrived in town about an hour before the stores opened, there was one small coffee shop open so we sat down for a beverage. We had great timing, we were in & out of town before it got really busy.

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May 7, 2014 - Virginia City, NV

Last Friday we headed up to Virginia City (about a 30 min.drive) with close friends Ginny & Greg and had a great time before our trip to Wisconsin. Came back home Tuesday morning. Virginia City is home to David John and the Comstock Cowboys who play to an always packed house at the Bucket of Blood Saloon. We ate out every night enjoying the flavors of the City which included BBQ Ribs, Pizza, and Mexican. Our best dinner was the last night in town where we were invited to a small private (8 local guests) informal dinner at 'CORE of Fine...

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Oct 1, 2013 - Virginia City, Nevada

We are now settled into our working routine. With Sunday through Tuesday off, we have a chance to do a little exploring of this area. This day saw us in Virginia City located about 46 miles away and 2,000 feet higher than Fernley at about 6,200 feet. Situated on the Comstock Lode, Virginia City sprang into being in 1859 withthe discovery of gold. It was also the first major silver discovery in the United States. The town appeared virtually overnight and grew to a high of 15,000 residents. As with many boomtowns of that era, Virginia City...

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Jul 19, 2013 - A City of Gold and Silver

Today I took the train, the Virginia & Truckee Railroad, up to Virginia City. The ride takes about an hour and a half to cover maybe 20 miles which averages about 14 miles per hour up the mountain to the head of Six-mile Canyon where Virginia City is located. The ride up was hot, but not as bad as the ride down later in the afternoon after walking the streets of Virginia City. A little of the history of Virginia City is in order. Virginia City was transformed into the most important industrial city between Denver and San Francisco around...

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May 28, 2013 - Virginia City

Went to see Old Brick buildings. My Great-Grandfather was to head Mason on many of the projects. For more pictures go to: Photos

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May 1, 2013 - Virginia City, NV

We had a great time up in Virginia City..always enjoy. Last local camping, with Greg and Ginny, before heading out May 15th for the Oregon coast and more before returning in mid-August. Weather turned South late Thursday with rain and colder temps but the other days were very nice. Saturday, good weather early, we did view the Fourth Annual Police Memorial Week Parade and what we thought might only be 10 min. turned out to be close to an hour of cool older police, fire and ambulance vehicles and motor cycles. Participant vehicles from CA,...

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Jul 25, 2012 - Virginia City - An old mining town

Do you realize just how beautiful and diverse our country is? We left this morning and passed through some absolutely gorgeous land (and a couple of old mining towns) on our way to Virginia City, one of the best known mining towns in the west. Boy, San Francisco has nothing on this town when it comes to being built on a hill! You sure wouldn't want to have a guest step out of your back door here because he wouldn't stop falling/rolling for quite awhile! It is indeed an old town, wooden sidewalks (mostly not the originals, though) and some...

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Sep 12, 2011 - Headed to Las Vegas

Left the RV Park we stayed at last night about 8 am. The best thing I can tell you is we arrived at 5pm last night and we were the only ones there... it only cost $10 for full hookups. The area was really bad, but we slept well. We are just south of Goldfield, NV with 191 miles more to drive, but we are parked for road construction. Benn here about 7 minutes and the traffic is just coming the other way, hope we move soon. Finally moving at 9am...on the move again!

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Sep 11, 2011 - Headed to Tonapah, NV

Yesterday we didn't do much, had breakfast out and prepared for the drive today 200 miles. Headed toward more big brown pillows. Seems very windy, Jay will be tired by the time we stop. Heading south on 95 from Fallon, NV at 10:38am. 12:37 we have been parked for about 30 minutes near Scharz, NV. Fatal accident someplace along I95. Cop said about 4 hrs. Hopefully not that long, in the meantime, we shall have lunch and maybe a short nap. Back on the road about 2:30pm. SLOW - mostly 10 MPH for the first 50 miles.

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Sep 10, 2011 - Virginia City, Nevada

This is part 2 of our visit to Virginia City, Nevada. See Camel & Ostrich Races for part one. ;-) We have wanted to visit this city since hearing about it on the NBC television western, Bonanza. Bonanza ran from 1959 to 1979 with weekly adventures of the Cartwright family. We found it to be one of the most interesting places we have visited. VIRGINIA CITY, NEVADA -- is the most famous boom town in the world because of the Comstock Lode: a vein of gold and silver ore less than two miles long and "incomparably the richest strike of precious...

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