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Oct 18, 2019 - Tonopah

After leaving Atlantis, we decided to venture into new territory. Last year we drove through Carson City, Las Vegas, and Death Valley; this year we headed to Tonopah, home of America's number one haunted hotel. Tonopah was a mining boom town; the rumor is that Jim Butler's burro led him to his silver claim. His wife Belle had the best one, and the Mizpah Hotel is named for her claim. We did not stay there, but we did have dinner and went on the ghost tour. Actually, Mizpah comes from the book of Genesis. It is the pile of rock that Jacob...

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Off to South America

Nov 8, 2018 - To Tonopah NV.

*Today we left Bullhead and headed to Tonopah. * It was super windy!!! I felt sorry for dad driving. It was rough but dad gets Er dun. *We ate lunch in a creepy abandoned lot. *We pulled In Tonopah Station Casino at the rv parking lot around 3:30. *Super cold and windy. *Tonight will get down to 20degrees! *I did laundry in the casino. *Creepy thing happened in laundry room. Dryer started on its own. Place is so haunted. *The casino machines suck! So super tight! *I made burritos for dinner. Shocker...

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May 9, 2018 - Tonopah, Nevada

We arrived in Tonopah, Nevada this afternoon. Not much to do here, this is just a stopping off spot. We went into town to a casino for a late lunch. We did not even stop to look at a slot machine or a gaming table. The meal was passable. Tomorrow, we will drive further north to Carson City, NV. We have decided we will stay there for about 3 weeks.

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Feb 22, 2018 - Wowser Tonopah BBQ

We didn't do a lot today, it snowed about an inch so we just relaxed for a day. We did manage to go out and pick up some bbq for dinner. We had eaten at the Tonopah BBQ place the last time we visited the town and loved it. This is one we highly recommend to all our readers, they have the BEST ribs and brisket we have ever eaten anywhere. They slow cook all their meats in a huge smoker all day. We bought a take out of brisket and a rack of ribs, now wishing we had tried the chicken and turkey too. :-) We will be on the road again in the...

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Feb 21, 2018 - Tonopah, Nevada

We are finally on the road again. We left Reno this morning around 10:00 A.M. We drove about 245 miles through the desert. We had planned to stop in Hawthorne for a day on the way, we found out they were getting three inches of snow so we decided to move on. We loved seeing all the tiny desert towns on the way. The mountains were beautiful, most were covered with snow. We enjoyed seeing Walker Lake again, it was outstanding with all the surrounding snow-capped mountains. We passed a lot of signs along the way with lots of warning about...

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Oct 29, 2017 - staying at the oasis

I was beginning to run out of synonyms for beautiful and spectacular the last few days. Now that we are in Nevada, I won't be needing any of those words. If we had come here directly from Reno we would have driven the "world's loneliest highway." If that's your only claim to fame, I might have to quote our beloved president and say "sad." The road we drove today was lonely enough until we came to a bright and shining light like we have never seen. If I were religious I would have guessed that the second coming was upon us. If I was a sci fi...

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Sep 29, 2017 - Traveling through Nevada

Leaving Tahoe we were faced with the task of a three day drive over the desert, headed to Zion NP. Stopped in a casino parking lot the first night where we had to pay (seemed unusual as we normally find casinos to be free or very economical. This wasn't the case here, but given that there are very few RV parks around, we made due. The next day we traversed the Extraterrestrial Hiway.... didn't see any flying saucers! Then camping at a wildlife refuge (for free). Pretty much a boondocking place as the main camp ground sites were full. Not a...

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Feb 6, 2017 - Mizpah Hotel

We visited the awesome Mizpah Hotel today and had steaks for our anniversary. The Mizpah Hotel is a historic hotel in Tonopah, Nevada. Mizpah Hotel is a member of Historic Hotels of America, It was really hard to get good pictures, I am adding the best ones, my apologies for the glares and red looking photos. The five-story Mizpah was the tallest building in Nevada until 1929. It was named after the Mizpah Mine and was the social hub of Tonopah. The three and five story buildings are joined with a wood stairway crowned with a skylight....

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Feb 5, 2017 - On The Road Again

We were on the road early this morning, we drove about 250 miles to Tonopah, Nevada. We are about three miles north of the town at a nice RV Park with pull through sites for only $25 a night. The price includes awesome Wi-Fi and cable TV with full hookups too. We enjoyed our beautiful drive through the desert, our highlight was driving the 11 miles along Lake Walker. The snow-capped mountains made the drive much more beautiful than the last time we drove it. Walker Lake and the Sportsman's Beach Recreation Site is located in Mineral...

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Aug 5, 2016 - Tonopah, NV - A Drive Through the High Desert of Southwest NV

(Ron Writing) This morning we drove a few miles south of Carson City to Minden, NV. Our full-time RVing friends, Judie and Mark, are spending some time there with her dad Jack and we were hoping we could meet-up with them on our return trip south. That plan only partially worked out because Mark was up in the Sierras at their mountain home doing some work. But we were able to arrange a breakfast with Judie and Jack. Judie has told us a lot about her dad so it was delightful to finally get to meet and spend some time with him. Jack is a 94...

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Sep 29, 2015 - Tonopah, NV

NOTE: with this entry we have passed the 9,000 mark for pictures, it's been 9 years on the road. Thank you to all the people who have made our travel journal a success. We departed Mound House about 9 a.m. with Rebecca following the coach. To communicate we use the walkie talkie set we have to park us. Walkie talkie sets can save dents, time, frustration and marriages! The entire drive from Mound House to Brenda is 720 miles, we intend to take 3 days to do it. Thank you to Terry, Jeff, Ginny, Dave and Steve for checking up on us...

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Aug 20, 2015 - Day 44

Up early to continue drive toward Vegas. Stopped at Goldfield and saw high school(famous boxing match) and historic hotel but did not find the autos buried in sand. Most buildings are abandoned and surroundings are filled with junk/debris. Neat bottle house, however, found in town. Lunch at Beatty's Subway then on to Rhinolyte. Rhinolyte is very cool ghost town with three room bottle house and old depot. It was old mining town and the other buildings including bank are ruins now. Adjacent is museum with fiberglass statues depicting Last...

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