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Sep 10, 2009 - Dear Playa Virgins

These aren't my pictures. They belong to the "playa virgins" whose memory card was turned in to me while I was Rangering. I forgot to turn it in to the lost and found, so I posted on ePlaya hoping they'll find it. I know they are playa virgins because the Greeters always make the first-timers roll around in the dust as soon as they get there. Tradition! :) Dear Playa Virgins, If these pictures came off your lost SD card, just send me a message with your mailing address. And just so I know it's you (and not some perv looking for naked...

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Sep 6, 2009 - Sunday--Last Day!

This morning was my turn to cook, so I pulled out the vacuum-sealed crepes and heated them up. We had sweet crepes with lemon and powdered sugar, and savory ones with a chicken and mushroom filling. Dee-lish. Then we got on our bikes and did one last tour before we started packing. By this point we were soooo ready to wash off the dust. But we did stay for the Temple burn and it was beautiful. After the burn ended, we jumped into our dusty vans and made for the gate. It took us maybe an hour to get out (not bad, last year Deanna and...

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Sep 5, 2009 - Saturday

The first set of night pictures are from Friday night, but it was during the wee hours.... so technically it was Saturday. We did sleep. I know because I was supposed to be at my Ranger shift at 6am and I was 3 hours late. The nice thing about working BM is that there were so many Rangers, no one noticed or cared. I just showed up and told the shift lead I was ready to work, and he sent me out. No one asked me to, but I figured I should probably work my 6 hours, so I stayed 3 hours past shift change to make up for being late. There was an...

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Sep 4, 2009 - Friday

BUSY day today! Rode our bikes out on the playa to see Janelle and Chico's art installation, then rode to the other side of town to visit VW Camp. On our way back, we met the guy who drove the Nowhere Omnibus (the double decker bus from London), who ironically was an American. He told us he'd be near our side of town soon, so we rushed home, put our bikes away, and filled some travel coolers with beer. The bus was remarkably punctual (no "burner time" here!) and we were off on another adventure. I believe tonight was the night we had...

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Sep 3, 2009 - Thursday Night

I think this was the night we ate Darin's green pork chili. Delicious...but some of us were about ready to breathe fire after that! By Thursday evening, we were getting braver. The wilder costumes came out, the light-up hula hoop was spun, and we dared each other to ride the scary rides.

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Sep 3, 2009 - Thursday

I think Thursday was the day everyone slept! We had already worn ourselves out, and we still had the weekend to go. The naps were time well-spent. By today we had perfected the art of Porch Monkeying. It is easy to be a Porch Monkey. All you need are some chairs, some friends, and some beer. Then simply sit in front of your camp, and heckle everyone who passes by. Or offer people stuff. Talk to the ones who stop to talk. If your friends come by, offer them beer and a chair. You can get into all kinds of trouble without ever leaving your camp.

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Sep 2, 2009 - Wednesday

This morning I ate some of DeEtta and Chad's yummy gravlax before going to my "mentor shift." All new Rangers, called Alphas, must do their first shift with two mentors. We basically follow them around and talk to them and help out if needed. Then they get together and talk about us, and decide whether we've got what it takes to become a full-fledged Ranger. To me this sounds a little silly-- it's a VOLUNTEER position. At home, we're happy to take anyone who wants to Ranger....we don't tell anyone "sorry, you're not good enough." In my...

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Sep 1, 2009 - Tuesday--We're here!

Our first two days was spent riding our bikes around and getting to know the lay of the land. Actually, I think these pictures may be from Monday. On Tuesday I spent the day at an 8-hour training to volunteer for the Rangers. Rangers basically walk around with radios and keep an eye on things. If anyone gets hurt, we can call for medics, and we are also trained to mediate disputes. We are not cops, or anyone's mommy, but people know to come to us if they have a problem. Anything serious (like assault) is kicked up to the "real" cops, but we...

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Sep 5, 2005 - Burning Man

Here are a few pictures from Burning Man. For those of you are not familiar with it, it is a gathering of about 40'000 people (give or take a few thousand) about 2 1/2 hours north of Reno, Nevada. It is a group that comprises's of artist's, musician's, DJ's and revelers. And yes the occasional hippy and raver. I find it as a place where people show what can be done when you have the means and the motivation to do something. A place where nothing is bought but bartered or given away. Leave your watch and your inhibitions behind and allow...

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