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May 22, 2018 - Hiking Around Carson City

We have had a couple of days where the weather has cooperated. There were threatening clouds, but precipitation was minimal, and worth the risk. So, we decided to hike a little bit. Yesterday, we trekked about 3 miles along the Carson River, down stream a few miles from where we hiked a few days ago. Peaceful and pleasant, the walk was mostly level with a change in elevation of only about 100 feet. Today, we went to the other side of Carson City to an area called Kings Canyon (not the national park in California). This hike was only about...

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May 19, 2018 - Nevada State Railroad Museum

Our plans today were to drive up to Virginia City (of Bonanza fame) to check out the town and the chili cook-off going on this weekend with some from friends that live here but stay in AZ in the winter. However, this morning, Pam got a call that her brother had passed away yesterday evening. So, we went to plan B. Plan B was to check out the Nevada State Railroad Museum. The museum has severaal locomotives on site that have been used in several movies. Some are the standard 4'8 1/2 " gauge and others are narrow gauge 3 ft. We took a short...

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May 18, 2018 - Centennial Park

Today, Paula and I took a hike in Centennial Park above the golf course in the northeast side of Carson City. I think we trekked about 2.5 miles with an elevation change of about 600 to 700 feet. I think we started about 4600 and ended at 5240 ft or so. We have not been hiking up hills in quite a while. I did pick up a couple of geocaches today. We walked about 2 miles yesterday in Riverside Park next to the Carson River. The hike was level ground. I was looking for geocaches and I nearly stepped on a snake. I could not tell if it was a...

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May 15, 2018 - Nevada State Museum and State Capitol

We visited downtown Carson City today. All we had time to do was the Nevada State Museum and a quick self-guided tour of the capitol building. Carson City is the capitol of Nevada. Nevada was added to the Union as the 36th state on October 31, 1864. One of its nicknames is "the Battle Born State" because the it achieved statehood during the Civil War. Another nickname is "the Silver State." Much of Nevada's history is tied to the silver mining industry. With the abundance of silver, Carson City was selected as a location of the US Mint. Of...

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May 12, 2018 - Do Laundry or Go Naked!

We did laundry yesterday. Boring! But, we do not like to go commando! We also discovered a small leak under the sink. Bill managed to get the leak repaired (Paula is always surprised!!!) without messing anything up. Well, almost! He pulled a tendon, muscle or something on his ribs crawling around under the sink. It felt like a cracked rib. It hurts like the dickens to breathe. As long as Bill doesn't cough or laugh he can live with the pain. We drove down to the Visitor Center in center Carson City. The lady at the office was very helpful...

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May 10, 2018 - Carson City, NV

We left Tonopah this morning. Brrrr, it was cold! In Las Vegas, the afternoon temperature was 103 degrees F yesterday. This morning, it was 44 degrees. That is about the coldest it got all winter in Mesa. We drove up to Carson City with a little bit of a headwind, so fuel mileage was not great. We are parked at the Gold Dust West RV Park, Hotel and Casino. We will be camped here until the 1st of June. We will use this area as a base of operations for a while. We have some friends that live in the nearby town of Dayton. We met Pam and Marv...

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Oct 18, 2017 - the capital

All the silver ore we learned about when we visited Virginia City yesterday had to be processed and assessed; that happened in Carson City. Carson City was already a town, a place where California bound travelers stopped over to recharge their batteries. It was named after Kit Carson, a famous mountain man and explorer. When Nevada became a state in 1864, Carson City became the capital. Although it is more or less midway between Reno and Las Vegas, it if moved a few miles west it would be in California. We are left with the impression that...

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Oct 5, 2017 - Carson City Tour

We enjoyed an awesome driving tour though Carson City today, we were surprised to see how beautiful this area is. We stayed in the Reno area last year and missed touring Carson City, we were glad we did the drive today. Carson City was named after frontier explorer Kit Carson in 1858. Carson City is the state capital of Nevada.The majority of the population of the town lives in Eagle Valley, on the eastern edge of the Carson Range, a branch of the Sierra Nevada, about 30 miles south of Reno. The town originated as a stopover for California...

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Dec 19, 2016 - Lights of Tanea

We went to see the 2016 Lights of Tanea tonight. This is the biggest and most spectacular Christmas lights display at a private residence in the Truckee Meadows - "The Biggest Little Christmas Light Show in Reno." Lights of Tanea was started to raise awareness and donations for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and donations of clothing for Friends of the National MS Society. Lights of Tanea also hosts a non-perishable food drive for the Evelyn Mount Community Outreach program. The show features music synchronized to the lights,...

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Aug 4, 2016 - Carson City, NV - Travel Through Northeast CA.

(Ron Writing) Today we packed up and got an early start – it was a full day of travel. Our journey took us south a short distance to Klamath Falls, OR where we stopped for gas and then continued south on OR-39 and CA-139 to CA-299 east to Alturas, CA where we got on US-395 south and drove all the way to Carson City, NV. Most of the drive was through sparsely populated northeast California. We’ve never been through this area before. The area is mostly high desert but the highway follows rivers which provide water for irrigating farm land. We...

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Jun 30, 2016 - A Trip to the Past

Today we decided to go to Virginia City which is nestled in the mountains about 30 minutes away. When we were in this area in 1983 we took the kids to an Old West Town. Both of us remembered it as Carson City, but when we got here we quickly realized that it wasn't Carson City, but Virginia City. This town still has original buildings from the 1850s. It has the feel of an old west town although it now has electricity and indoor plumbing. They even have what they call a "comedy" shootout at 1:00pm. We spent a few hours investigating the...

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