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Mar 30, 2020 - Another Bailout - This Time Smelling Even Fishier!

From Atlanta and heading on to Minneapolis and lastly to Zootown. And thanks to our daughter delivering our vehicle to the airport, finally to Corvallis! Yeah...! _____ From VOX: Trump says he won’t comply with key transparency measures in the coronavirus stimulus bill The administration says it won’t provide documentation for audits into $500 billion in corporate bailout funds. President Donald Trump said on Friday that he will not adhere to a portion of the $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus bill that would authorize an inspector general to...

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Jun 11, 2019 - Minneapolis, MN June 5-11, 2019

Our drive from Adrian to Minneapolis was through farmland and small cities and smaller towns. The land was no longer wet and crops were growing in the fields. We noticed that farms in MInnesota plant a wall of trees around their buildings. So, out in the middle of the fields we saw these little islands of trees. Wyoming and South Dakota do not “hide” their farm buildings. We are all different. While the farmland was dry the Minnesota River flooded about a week before we arrived. There were a lot of trees standing in water as we approached...

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Jun 6, 2019 - Mall of America

After relaxing at Sibley State Park we endured the traffic of Minneapolis. Pretty scary stuff when driving a big RV with a tow vehicle. The only spots we could look around at the views was during the myriad of traffic jams where we were moving very slowly or stopped. The Mall of America stop was pretty much a disappointment. It is really pretty much just a shopping mall, albeit big. It's claim to fame is its amusement park inside in the center of the mall. We walked a small portion of the stores but got bored pretty quick. One highlight was...

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Sep 7, 2018 - We're off!

We had an uneventful start to the trip. Tegan dropped us off at the airport, the plane left on time and we arrived in Amsterdam about half an hour early. Unfortunately we did not score an upgrade for the 8 hour flight (the advantage of traveling with elise!) But it wasn't too bad. I watched 2 movies:Ready Player One and Avengers:Infinity War. Next stop:Bucharest.

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Aug 27, 2018 - Minneapolis

August 27, 2018 Today Leslie and I took Leo for his first day of high school which was about a 20 minute ride to Plymouth. Leslie had arranged for us to take a 1.5 hour cruise on Lake Minnetonka (“big lake”) which is the third largest lake in MN. The cruise launched from the Port of Excelsior which was 25 minutes from home (St. Louis Park). Many people from St. Louis drove north to the lake and created resorts to beat the heat. What makes the lake an interesting resort is that there are many bays which house yacht clubs, hotel resorts etc....

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Aug 26, 2018 - Minneapolis

August 26, 2018 Sunday morning with the NYT! Leslie and I took a walk to the lake and back but otherwise just hung out for most of the day. We went over to see Jake, Celeste, Izzie and Florence. What fun for Bob and I. We had not seen Izzie since she was a baby at Josh and Melissa’s wedding. She is now a rambunctious 2 ½ year toddler. Florence is a very observant 6 week old. Had lots of fun reading to Izzie, seeing her big girl bedroom and otherwise just catching up. They live in Fulton which is about 15 minutes from Leslie. As they say in...

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Aug 25, 2018 - Jewel. IA to Minneapolis, MN

August 25, 2018 Have really enjoyed the Jewel Lake Walls camp as it is so neat and tidy with plenty of solar power. It sits among corn fields and silos for as far as the eye can see. The town of Jewel is small(1,200), unassuming houses but lovely walking/bike paths, public pool and golf course. It even has its own post office! The drive to Minneapolis was one corn field and silo after another. The barns seem to be made of synthetic material as they all are in great shape. We arrived at our dear friend Leslie Dederer’s new home which is 2.5...

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Aug 11, 2018 - Minneapolis

Up and at 'em around 7:45 but by the time I got to the Stone Arch Bridge parking lot and unloaded my bike it was 9. The Stone Arch Bridge is an old railroad bridge that service the mills along the river that has been repurposed as a pedestrian bridge. Based on what I saw it is very popular. First order of business for me was to locate the Nicolett Mall. The Mall is a narrow road that runs about 12 blocks from Washington St to Grant St. It is what appears to be a fairly newly constructed street which appears to restrict cars although I did...

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Aug 10, 2018 - Crisscrossing theTwin Cities

Today the touring began in earnest. Took a Twin Cities Highlights Tour. I like taking one of these tours the first day in a new city because they give a nice of overview of a place. The tour guides provide details you wouldn't necessarily know from touring strictly on your own. If not for taking the tour I probably would not have even gotten to St Paul. Speaking of facts you wouldn't learn on your own. What was the original name of St Paul? "Pig's Eye". I can explain why when I get home if you're really interested. This particular tour was...

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Aug 9, 2018 - The Land of 10,000 Lakes and..."Purple Rain"

Left Mishawaka around 7:30 this morning. Rolled into Minneapolis about 4:30 local time which means 10 hours on the road. Google maps said 8 hours but between a few brief stops, lunch, and some traffic issues on I-90 through Chicago, it ate up the additional 2 hours. Even so I felt like I was here too early to just go to the hotel so I went to Minnehaha Regional Park which was actually on the itinerary for end of day Saturday. Spend about 2 hours exploring the park including one of its main claims to fame, a 53 foot waterfall. The park has...

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Jun 27, 2018 - Last day!

Here we are on our last day! Same old breakfast but today we don't have any particular agenda. We don't need to be at the airport until 4:30-5pm as our flight leaves at 7:37. We have to buy a 1 day metro pass to take the bus to the airport so we might as well do a little more exploring with it. After we checked out at 11, we stowed our bags in the hotel's luggage room and walked back down to the metro station. Once we had our pass, we decided to take the only color line we hadn't been on yet: the yellow line. It has only 3 stops on it as it...

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Jun 18, 2018 - Beginning

And we're off on this summer's vacation with the kids! We left MSP airport at 9:40am and arrived in Boston at 1:30pm. A fine, uneventful trip. Because we arrived so early before the airbnb was available, we looked around for something to do at the airport and found a USO. We were able to spend an hour or so there, relaxing and having snacks :-). We ordered our Lyft ride and were at the apartment a little after 3pm. It's in the Beacon Hill area, very close and convenient to major howntown sites. It's in a historic row home section and is...

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