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Feb 23, 2014 - Background info

Wow, when we first started planning this trip, it was two years away. Now, it is less than 3 months away. Time is flying by. Guy and I have found so many places to go, I don't think 6 months will be long enough. We had to pick and choose what to see and what not to see. It called for some tough calls. We had to be brutal and take out many destinations that we hope to get to visit at a later date. For better or worse we have plotted our course, made some reservations and have arranged some practice trips.

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Oct 10, 2012 - AC/DC

We took a trip into DC yesterday and we didn't need the AC as it was overcast and in the 60's. We have both been there before and have seen most of the sights that interest us. The last time I was here, other than work related, I took Darci during a time when it seemed many of the men at my work and church were taking their kids on a dad trip to Washington. Our goal was to see the natural large silver deposit found in Globe AZ that we were told about during our visit there. Among other things we did find a rugby ball sized silver deposit....

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Oct 9, 2012 - Rain, rain go away

We continue to have overcast and drizzly skies almost forget what the sun looks like. But it didn't stop us from exploring. First we explored the Walgreen's for an hour and a half waiting for prescriptions for me. Each state has a different statute on how long a script is good for. We have prescriptions that have been given to us for a year since we are on the road. That wasn't good enough in Maryland and they had to get my doctor in Atlanta on a holiday when the office was closed. We went to lunch, had flu shots, got a picture developed...

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Oct 8, 2012 - Stats time

We left Rob and Vicki's and took a short drive to my brother Glenn's fabulous home on the water in Pasadena MD. Watched some sports and grilled chicken for dinner while Shirley did the salad and rice. This is a beautiful home right on the water. We are all so happy for Glenn to be in his dream home. Here are the stats from our trip as we reached another monthly milestone 10/7 our 19th. As you know I have broken our trip into years to make it a bit easier on me for counting purposes for most categories. So far on the entire trip we have...

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Aug 26, 2012 - We began our trip

We left for California Friday 8-24. First stop was a quiet campground in Ohio on a lake. They were very nice and very accomodating. They gave us a long site so we could pull thru it and would not have to unhook. It was quite a way from the highway and not very easy to find. There are mainly seasonal campers. Dale had his ear talked off and found out all about the county fair which is larger than most state fairs and the flea markets. Day 2 we drove to Indiana. We were near Elkhart. This area is a big Amish area so there are lots of craft...

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Jun 13, 2012 - Sailabration Tall Ships

We are leaving for our June trip on Sat. The Wed before we went to Ft Smallwood Park to see the tall ships (and other military ships)arrive for the bicentennial of the War of 1812 in Baltimore (the Francis Scott Key part). It was very windy so they came in under their engines and not their sails. We only spent the morning and early afternoon-too much to do.

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Aug 12, 2011 - brussels day 2

Today is very difficult. Drinking last night was a bad idea. I am awakened at 6am by the trash trucks below in the street...ugh shut up!!! I'm getting use to waking up and not knowing where the heck I am. Each city I say to myself...''hey, I'm in Paris or hey, I'm in Rome''....this morning I wake up and say ''hey, i'm in Belgium...cool...my head hurts and I want a flippen waffle'' It's my last full day in Europe....it all seems like a dream. I keep thinking is this real? crap, it's over!? We wander around the cobble stone streets once...

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Jul 2, 2011 - Excitement

I leave for my tour in only 9 days. I cannot believe I will be spending 34 days in Europe. I am so excited for all the new people I will be meeting and places I will explore. Our tour Guide is Mario from Sicily and will be guiding me through Italy and Greece along with around 25 other people in my age range and my best friend Heather. Than I will spend the next 3 weeks traveling through France, Spain, Belgium, and the Netherlands with my parisian pen pal Simon. Check out my itinerary to see where I will be traveling daily. I will try to...

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Jul 1, 2008 - Washington D.C.

For this stop we visited a friend, fellow rod builder Ken Preston, www.kensfishingrods.com , who let us use his driveway for an RV Park. His gracious "over-the-top" hospitality was fabulous. Though he was leaving for a family event in Jersey for the Fourth weekend he told us how to get to the Metro, where stores and local eateries were, etc. Heck, the first night he even bought us ice cream from the local creamery. And he left the house open for us, too! How great is that! ! ! We knew this was going to be a very busy week, but we weren't...

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Sep 7, 2006 - Our first camping trip to see Luke in Washington D.C.

9-7-06: Off on our first trip to the Capitol KOA. We are going to visit Luke who is station at Ft. Meade, MD. Can't say what he does there or he'll have us killed. Besides, we don't know what he does because he won't tell us. Here we are at a rest stop on the way. Pulling the trailer wasn't as hard as I thought. Just have to plan where to get gas and how to park. We arrived at 11:30pm and it is not fun setting up at night. It's not hard, but you can't see if you have parked in a bad way. I had the hardest time unhooking the truck from...

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