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Jun 20, 2012 - Last Day

Hard to believe today is day 11 for us NOMADS at the Aldersgate Camp and Retreat Center. We have both moved on to the Cedar House next door to the campground so the commute is walking distance. Painting is on the agenda. Yesterday I painted the bathroom ceiling from wallboard so it took 4 coats. Hopefully that did it but I will know in about an hour when we go over. Shirley worked a little in the bathroom then moved on to the kitchen which has 3 doors that all need painting. Back to finish up today and I will be going back to the warehouse...

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Jun 18, 2012 - Before and after

I am having mega problems with the Internet tonight so I expect the pics will need to be added tomorrow. Shirley finished the shelving she built from scratch, literally. The wood was harvested from trees on the camp property. She cut the boards on a saw and hung them in the warehouse. I went to the Cedar House which is very close to the campground and it was again a disaster area. This is a house purchased 5 years ago and it was in rough shape. After years of work the house is just about ready to be occupied by full time staff members, a...

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Jun 17, 2012 - Half Day

We worked a half day Saturday. I worked until 12:30 Shirley quit early at 5:15. Great day at the camp with all the kids and staff gone we had the place to ourselves. I washed the camper and truck, went for a swim and had the best fire for the entire trip. I started the fire early, around 6 PM and kept it going until about 10. Free dry firewood about 60 feet from our camper. Before the fire we took a hike to the Outpost "wilderness" camping area where the Jr. High camp is this week. As you will see not really roughing it. We drove into...

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Jun 16, 2012 - Too busy to blog!

What a whirlwind yesterday was. I did not have time to blog. It's about 9 AM as I sit in the gazebo watching the kids pack up to go home, the lamb is grazing next to me. Where to begin. Shirley worked on making wooden shelving for the warehouse and I took the big honkin' dually to the doctor. We are is a very remote area and to get to a Ford dealer it took me an hour and a half. I was captive but the dealer was in an area with lots of stores and eating places. I needed two new batteries, an oil change, transmission flush and differential...

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Jun 14, 2012 - Working fun

We continued to organize the attic warehouse and I moved on to an equal disaster in the maintenance shed across the way. Shirley sorted nuts and bolts all day but she is enjoying the work. Last night Shirley did laundry in one of the retreat cottages behind the campground. Very nice "laundromat" I'd say. The weather has been fantastic. Cool mornings and crisp blue skies and mid 80's in the afternoon. I was pooped after my 7 hour work day and took a dip in the pool. A little chilly getting in but once you got used to it the water was very...

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Jun 13, 2012 - Have you ever been to camp?

I never went to camp although my parents tried. Camp came during little league season and I did not want to miss playing. If you went to camp you know how much fun it is. I am not sure who is having a better time, the kids or the counselors and staff. The chickens and roosters have made their way to just about where I am writing and the goats are not far behind. Our work is going exceedingly well. We are about 1/2 a day of finishing the attic warehouse and it is all neat and spiffy. The food is wonderful also. They are even making non meat...

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Jun 12, 2012 - 16 Tons

Boy are we workin', eatin' and meetin'. Sitting on the lawn outside the campground writing the blog. I am going to keep it short and let the pictures tell the story. Suffice to say the job we have is keeping us very busy. I love to organize and this is a bus man's holiday tripled. When we complete a row (there are 4) it really feels good but speaking for myself I am feeling it too. How neat is this? I am watching kids on their horses as I write. Anyway, we are having fun and working hard. Enjoy the pics.

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Jun 11, 2012 - A walk in the park

I know it’s a pain to be reading the blog almost a day late but we do our NOMADS stuff beginning at 8 AM with breakfast and go to our duties. Not enough internet connection at our campsite so I need to drive over to the office parking lot, which happens after dinner. Yesterday was a day off and we went into town about 30 minutes away for Church, walked and drove around the town of Irvine with a population of about 3000. We came back to Aldersgate Camp and Retreat Center for a walking tour. We took a hike then toured the campus. It is...

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Jun 10, 2012 - NOMADS IV

Sorry about the late post but it looks like I will be posting in the early evening for the next 10 days. We are in Ravenna Kentucky for our 10 day NOMADS adventure. We are at the Aldersgate Camp and what a beauty it is. We will find out what our chores are at dinner this evening. Shirley and I are the only NOMADS here. We are what is called "drop ins". They knew we were coming as we signed up through the NOMADS site. Our campground is EXCELLENT! We have been in many not as nice. 10 perfect spots with complete hookups. No charge of course,...

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