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May 19, 2007 - Yellowstone

May 19, 2007 - Saturday Good morning, one and all. We've made it!! We pulled into our campground on Tuesday, the15th. I'm actually proud of us. We remembered what happened last year when we tried to pull out. So this year, we angled in just right and there were NO "pissy" moments, at all!  We are in, hooked up, sewered, electric and water. Life is good. We've met our neighbors on the left of us and across from us. Very, very nice people and we all seem to get along and have fun. There's about 10 - 11 of us and it seems that everyone likes...

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May 1, 2007 - Island Park, Idaho

We found a great little campground waaaay off the beaten path in the northeast corner of Idaho -- just 20 miles from Yellowstone National Park. They opened today and we are one of the few campers here. We're surrounded by mountains, including the Continental Divide on one side. Gorgeous.

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Aug 24, 2006 - Extended stay at West Yellowstone

We decided to stay another day at the campground outside Yellowstone National Park. The campground is great and there is more to see in the area. We'll stay another day and do some more sight seeing, then have a longer day getting back to Sheridan on Friday, the 28th. So we drove a 50 mile loop from the campground and saw Big Springs which is where water just bubbles up from underground springs and starts a river. In the 30's a German Immigrant that was 4'11" tall built a cabin on the Springs and it is now a Historical Landmark. Downriver...

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Aug 22, 2006 - Campground outside Yellowstone

We got to this campground today after a long day of driving, about 400 miles. We don't usually go that far in one day but wanted to get to Yellowstone and spend a few days here. This morning we are watching a family of hawks fly over the fields behind our campsite. There is a mother, father and 3 young ones. They are screeching and flying. Very cool to watch.

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Jul 15, 2006 - West Yellowstone - Day 3

Pita's Diary - Yellowstone - Day 3 Honest to Pete, Mom and Dad were on a mission this morning. Dad picked the short straw and got the outside. Armed with Black Streak remover, a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, a mop with extension and a bucket (use to hold popcorn) lined with a kitchen trash bag so it would hold water he started from the top and worked down. Mom threw all the rugs outside and started from the floor and worked herself up. Made me tired just watching. There must have been a full moon or something. Mom cooked three meals today! Maybe...

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Jul 14, 2006 - West Yellowstone -- Day 2

Pita's Diary - Yellowstone Day 2 Well, Mom and Dad got off to a slow but steady start today. They took off around 9:30 or so to check out the nearby Grizzly Discovery Center and Wolf Preserve. They both took their cameras but said they didn't take a whole lot of pictures. I guess this Discovery Center wasn't all it was cracked up to be. Just a few wolves and bears in pens and some exhibits. Mom says that Wildlife Images back home is better. After leaving there they went to lunch. I know this because they came back smelling like BBQ. I was...

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Jul 13, 2006 - West Yellowstone -- Day 1

Pita's Diary - West Yellowstone - Day 1 Well, we were off and running at 7 o'clock this morning. We sure were glad to be leaving Billings, Montana and headed for Yellowstone. Because we stayed hooked up to the truck last night, getting going this morning was easy. The drive to Yellowstone was not very long and thankfully we didn't have any more excitement like yesterday. Once we started getting closer to our destination, it sure got green and pretty. There was lots of nice grass, just waiting for a certain kitty to start chewing on it. But,...

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