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Mar 9, 2008 - Wekiwa State Park

At Wekiwa State Park Near Orlando.. Nice park here for two nights. This is a "Bonnie park." A state park with lots of trees (and bugs). Daylight time started last night, so we are all a bit off kilter. Warm here - in the 70's, and not so humid. We made Costco runs and Walmart runs, did laundry and a bit of rig cleaning. Count these as down days. (Gail)

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Sep 3, 2006 - this fizzled out

Thanks to all that followed our trip! Unfortunately when we hit Disneyworld there was no internet access at all so we were not able to post anything. Now here we are 2 days before school starts and we did not finish our trip. Rachel did a great job recording it and we enjoyed our stay in Florida. We stayed at the Animal Kingdom lodge where outside our balcony were giraffes, zebras a variety of different kind of ungulates including one group whose knees clicked when they walked... we called him "clicky". Rachel was not impressed when William...

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May 1, 2006 - Camper's Inn at Leesburg

So Monday morning we go to Camper's Inn at Leesburg, just a few miles from Wildwood, for what we expected to be a quick and easy repair to the satellite dome. No such luck! The new parts didn't make it work, so they ordered a complete new system (since it was brand new, everything was covered by the warranty). We stayed a couple of nights at a nice State Park a couple of blocks away, but when the new system also didn't work, they ordered another one, this time from the main factory. Since that was going to take several days, we needed to...

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Apr 11, 2006 - Camp Monaco 4/11-4/30

Arriving at the Monaco Service Center at Wildwood, they tell us they can't really check out the problem until the next day, so we plug into their power and settle in. Little did we know, we were going to be there for quite a long while. When they discovered that the power inverter was kaput (not too clear what happened first, the inverter caused the fire or their replacement work fried the inverter), either way it had to be replaced and, of course, they didn't have it in stock, so it had to be ordered. However, they didn't order it right...

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