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Nov 29, 2015 - Day 21 - North Port, Forida

We had a lazy day until late in the afternoon when we headed to Punta Gorda to check out the Christmas lights at Fisherman's Village as suggested by the park manager Sharon. It was a longer drive than we expected as we have discovered that Americans say everything is just 15 miles down the road. It was more like 25 miles but the place was as a lovely promised. The place is on the bay at a marina and is a collection of stores and restaurants, that reminded me of Pier 39 in San Francisco, all decorated and lit for the season. We had a...

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Nov 28, 2015 - Day 20 - North Port, Florida

We took a drive to see the area beaches in Venice and Englewood, lots of people on the beaches but not many in the water. The news said the ocean temperature is about 68F and air temperature is in 70's. We saw Stump Pass Beach on a barrier island west of Englewood. We spent time shopping for supplies then doing routine maintenance on the bus, replaced tail light bulb, outside door light bulb, and got a data plan for my iPad so I would stop hogging his data.

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Nov 27, 2015 - Day 19 - North Port, Florida

Friday morning, we went into the Myakka River RV Park clubhouse for coffee and pie. We were a little early for the rest of the residents on the day after Thanksgiving, so I went back and collected our laundry and got it started before we got any company. We talked to a few residents, mostly there for the winter, comparing travel notes and stories. Nice people here and park site is convenient for exploring, so decided to stay until Monday when most people have to be back at work.

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Nov 26, 2015 - Day 18 - Manatee Springs, Florida to North Port, Florida

Today is US Thanksgiving. We expect high traffic on the highways but all campsites are now booked through the weekend at Manatee Springs. We phoned a couple places in the Clearwater St Petersburg Tampa area and either got no answer or all full responses. After a hour on the Interstate we decided to move more to the interior as we had not been there before. We came south on the eastern side of Tampa, traffic was lighter but roads also narrower. We realized that our route was taking us near Myakka River State Park so decided to go that way to...

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May 6, 2014 - Lakeview, Ohio

So, here we are in Indian Lake Campground in Lakeview, Ohio. That is after dropping off the golf cart at Alpine and spending a couple of nights in a highly over rated place named the Glass House in Erie, Pa. Someone must have paid for the positive reviews. I was not impressed. Then we spent the night in a nice hotel in Wapakoneta, OH. No more hotels for the Meyer family. Unless we go to Hawaii. We got here Monday afternoon (April 28) after picking up our new, beautiful 5th wheel from RV Wholesalers right down the road from here. We decided...

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Mar 17, 2014 - 36 Days and Counting

Dan and I have been trying to stay motivated. Lots has happened, and it has been a stressful couple of weeks. We listed the house and God sent us buyers. In a week. One week. They loved the house and now we wait to close on April 23. The hardest part is over. Now we have to sell the car and the Sorrento. A couple of yard sales (I totally HATE yard sales) and whatever is left gets donated to GoodWill or somewhere where it can be put to good use. We contemplated trading up our pickup, but that would just put too much on our plates right now...

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Feb 13, 2014 - In The Beginning...

So here we are, a little over 2 months away from making the big change of life. We will be cleaning up the house this weekend and putting the house on the market. Then starts the unending emptying of closets and drawers and attic.... getting rid of everything we have collected and gathered in almost 18 years. The hardest part is deciding what to keep and what to part with. All I know is that most of it has to go. And that it will be a lot of work. But once it's done, we will be free. We pick up the new Sandpiper 376BHOK at the end of April,...

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Feb 9, 2014 - to & at North Port FL; 21/306

140207-Fri-77922-We drove from Bonita Springs and the ending mileage is shown. I have had computer problems, so I don’t know the exact starting mileage but we drove about 55 miles. We got to Riverside Camping Resort just before lunch, so we had lunch and then went to Hagar’s. As it was warm & sunny we spent most of the day in the pool. We had pork tenderloin that Jack had cooked. 140208-Sat-77922-We spent most of the day touring Sarasota. We had lunch at Longboat Key and it was cloudy most of the day. While we were window shopping I got...

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Florida 2014

Apr 17, 2013 - Warm Springs

We made a big circle on our day trip today so we could find out what the Warm Springs were all about in Punta Gorda. Chic keeps interesting articles from the local newspaper so that we can explore and learn more about this area. She told me about how the springs were advertised to be the fountain of youth that Ponce de Leon was looking for back in the early 1900s. That owner died and the property around the springs went into disprepair until relatively recently. But now, this owner wants to have the city or county buy it and make it...

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Feb 2, 2013 - at North Port FL; 17/237

130202-Sat-70849 miles-Today we were at Hagar’s and Susan took us to Sears to get my glasses fixed. Then about 1pm the Huddy’s and the Bellasari’s came over and we were in the hottub. Then we had dinner & they all went home about 7pm. We came back to the RV about 815pm.

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Feb 25, 2012 - at North Port FL; 15/169

120225-0 miles. Today we went to the Babcock Wildlife Management area and took a swamp buggy tour. It was great and we saw a lot of animals. Horses, cows, wild boars, turkeys, alligators and lots of birds. Then we ate meat roll-ups and went to eat dinner and watch The Yard Dogs play. We met the Bellasaries and their friends. We had a great time!

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Feb 23, 2012 - to North Port FL; 15/167

120223-Thu-We started at 59021 miles, and went to 59377 miles, for a total today of 356 miles. We drove from Key West to North Port. It was a long day, but we did stop at camping world for a new awning strap. The old one is about to come apart. We ate dinner with the Hagar’s and it was very good. Today all the Huddy’s and the Belasarie’s come over. I can’t wait to get in the pool. Also, I got my reburbished camera.

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