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Nov 28, 2019 - Thanksgiving feast!

I traveled across the state on scenic Route 41 on Tuesday to visit Jeanne & Laurie for the rest of the week. It was a pleasure to help Jeanne clean house and prepare the meal as much as I could. My knee gets in the way of things but she is a Nurse Practitioner who calls herself Nurse Ratchet. She had me ice it longer and more often than I ever did. She also gave me a pain pill when it got to me on Thursday. It worked! The meal had everything you could want on Thanksgiving and everything was delicious! Thank you Jeanne!

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Nov 21, 2018 - Heading East for a visit

I have been looking forward to going to the East side of Florida to visit my best friends, Jeanne & Laurie for a few days. I did take my time getting there, though, as I went by way of US 41 instead of I-75 (Alligator Alley). My first stop was at the Visitor Center on the west side of Big Cypress. While at the little boardwalk, a bright yellow butterfly went by my head and landed on a lone morning glory. It was beautiful and I wish I could have taken more pictures of that butterfly to show you it's colors but it flew away as fast as it...

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Dec 31, 2015 - New Years in Miami

I drove down to Jeanne & Laurie's house from Palm Beach Gardens on Dec 28th so that I could end the year and start another one with them. While in Miami, I went to Larry & Penny Campground a couple of times to see Mary Graves, Brenda Jenks, Charlotte, Jane, and Serge. On Jan 2, Laurie, Jeanne, Margie (a roommate of theirs), and myself went up to Gulfstream Park to have a fabulous buffet at a table overlooking the race track. We stayed for 8 races and only Laurie won anything. She also did well at the casino there. This was done to celebrate...

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May 17, 2014 - Kendall

May 17, 2014 Laurie had planned a very nice day for us. We went to the Fairchild Botanical Gardens (near Coral Gables) for free because she had arranged to get Member’s Passes. It was a beautiful morning to boot. On the grounds was a renegade Farmer’s Market that had split from the much larger main market in protest of higher fees. Nevermind, we found paella rice flavoring spices and we were happy! The garden was financed in 1936 by Robert Montgomery, an accountant and businessman with a passion for plants. He named the place after his...

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May 16, 2014 - Boca Raton to Kendall, FL

May 16, 2014 Lorrie and I took a nice 3 mile walk around their neighborhood while Howard and Bob went to walk in a nature preserve. Had some breakfast and chatted, chatted! By 1:00 it was time for lunch at TooJays deli! Good time. Bob’s cousin, the Le Winters, live in south Miami so we got on the turnpike and went through territory we had traveled several times. Paul and Laurie have not changed a bit! We also got to see Zach their 19 month old grandson, their first. Again, lot’s of catching up! Went to BJ’s for a bite to eat in a very nice...

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Nov 10, 2013 - 2 Days of recovery in Miami

Jeanne & Laurie's friend, Debbie picked us up at the airport since she was awake anyway and really wanted to hear stories about our trip. When we got to the house, Eric was still up and we talked with him until after 2:30 AM. Riley and Maddie were thrilled to see their mamas, too. So it took two days to get our bodies back to the right time. Laurie had to do it in one because she had to work on Sunday. We watched TV, looked at pictures, went grocery shopping, and slept. We had easy, no fuss meals too.

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Dec 25, 2012 - Christmas in Miami & Everglades

I spent time in Lauderdale-By-The-Sea, Miami, and Shark Valley in the Everglades from 12/22 until today, visiting friends. Rosemary's sister and brother-in-law own a condo on the 15th floor of the Sea Ranches, and since they were not coming down for the holidays, Rosemary had use of it. She and Gette came down from Palm Beach Gardens, Jeanne & Laurie came up from Miami, and I came over from North Fort Myers. We all arrived right around 11 AM! We had lunch outside at a restaurant down teh street and walked back via the beach. The day was...

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Nov 6, 2012 - My Birthday at the Everglades

I spent the weekend at Jeanne & Laurie's with Eric and the 3 furry kids - Murphy, Maddie, and Buddy and had a great time. I got a free (!!) massage from our favorite masseuse, Myra, on Monday, visited a couple of friends at Larry & Penny Campground, and was taken out to dinner at a new pizza and pasta restaurant close by. They served the best eggplant appetizer I ever had - like a mini parmesan - and then had a fantastic pizza! I would be eating here very often if I was still staying in Miami for the winter! On this day, we went out to the...

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Jan 15, 2012 - weekend in Miami

Jeanne celebrated her 65th birthday by inviting her closest friends to join her at a restaurant in Coral Gables called Seasons 52. they feature the food of the season and change their menu every week of the year. They also pride themselves in serving healthy meals under 450 calories. Their desserts are served in cordial glasses, and most everyone has room for dessert there! Chic & Marilyn joined me for this weekend trip and we had lots of fun visiting Jeanne & Laurie, watching football games, and shopping at Tuesday Morning. We also went to...

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Dec 26, 2009 - Christmas feast at Jeanne & Laurie's

Jeanne & Laurie hosted a Christmas dinner and invited those of us in the area who are not visiting immediate family members. It was a nice mix of seasonal workers from the Everglades NP, health care workers, and retirees (ha!). What a spread it was - meats, cheeses, and olives for appetizers, salad, lasagna, meatballs, and parmigiana of veal, eggplant, and prociutto as the main dishes, homemade apple raisin bread, and a birthday cake for dessert! I had bought little flavored cream puffs, but they stayed in the freezer for the next party...

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Mar 24, 2008 - Back in Miami area

Monday March 24…7:00pm Got on the road about 10:00am for the approximately 2 hour drive to Miami-Dade College. It’s back closer to Miami where the casino was that we stayed at a few days ago. So we’ve already been to this area and we’re backtracking now, but it gives us a chance to go into Miami Beach area which we never got to do earlier. The game didn’t start until 3pm, so we took Whiskey for a walk and then relaxed in the motorhome and spoke with some of the other parents. There are 3 or 4 players on Alex’s team who are from this area,...

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Mar 19, 2008 - Into Miami

Wed, and we drove across the state on 41, the old Tamiami Trail...saw many gators in the canals, and even a couple dead ones on the side of the road, with buzzards enjoying the feast. The Miami rv park is a lovely state park called the Larry and Penny Thompson park. It is far more spacious than Naples, (but w/out the gator) and all laid out in "pods." Each pod holds maybe 12 to 15 rv's, and each has its own laundry/bathhouse within a few steps. Walked the dogs, got settled in, and curled up with good books. Later we drove out and explored...

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