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Mar 24, 2016 - A visit to Juno Beach

We love to drop back down to Juno Beach and Ocean Walk RV Resort to visit friends. For a long time this was our favourite spot in Florida. Proximity to the beach and shopping has made it a big hit with us. The sites are very tight, and there are increasingly more permanent buildings, and less and less available transient sites. We booked this March trip back in January, and this was the first available site for a multiple day visit. One of our friends has bought a park model, and we have spent the last few days watching it get installed on...

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Mar 12, 2015 - Juno Beach

We are enjoying our visit to Juno Beach. It is this area of Florida that we spent many a Christmas as the kids were growing up. Ocean Walk at Juno Beach is one of our favourite destinations. When we decided to make the trip down to visit our friends at Boca Raton, we decided to make stops at Juno and Naples as well, if we could find a campsite. When we called the office at Juno, they had no vacancies. Luckily a friend was able to find us a site privately, and here we are. We are spending three days visiting here, and then moving west for...

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Feb 13, 2014 - Down to Juno Beach

We wanted to come down to one of our favourite parks and say “Hi” to our friends at Ocean Walk in Juno Beach. We packed up at TGO and headed south for a quick two day visit before moving north to Daytona Beach for the NASCAR races. We got to Ocean Walk in time for Happy Hour yesterday afternoon. Rain threatened, but never arrived until almost bed time, so we had wonderful visit. This morning we drove up to Tequesta for a visit with Bob and Sue. We had hoped to go out for lunch with them, however they were waiting for delivery of their new...

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Mar 24, 2013 - Visiting with friends

It is hard to believe, our third week at Juno is now in the books and we only have one week left. The weather has been nice, lately. Today they are calling for a high of 89 degrees. We enjoyed a visit with Dennis and Ellen early in the week, and now we are visiting with Tim and Gail, down for a few days from New Hampshire. We drove up the coast on Friday to Vero Beach, and an outlet mall. Glenna had some shopping to do for Peter, and you can tell by one of the photos, she found a Brooks Brothers. Yesterday we drove south and west to...

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Mar 18, 2013 - Delray Beach

Today we traveled south to Delray Beach. Marisa had suggested this side trip, so off we went. Downtown Delray Beach is pretty neat. There is a main street with many small shops, and many restaurants and patio bars to stop and enjoy the day. Glenna and I spent several hours walking the main street and enjoyed a delicious lunch. It was about a forty-five minute drive back to Juno Beach. We made it in time for our late-afternoon street meet and greet. Another lovely visit with the neighbours, until rain chased us back to the trailer. It has...

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Mar 14, 2013 - Just an update

It’s hard to believe we are at the end of our second week here at Juno. Our holiday here is nearly half over, and we haven’t been in the pool. The weather hasn’t been bad, however not hot enough to push us to the pool. It has been great for walking, and we have been to the beach many times. Probably the fact that Dudley is more welcome on the beach, and he loves walking to the beach,has led us in that direction most days. In the past we have loved relaxing at Jupiter Inlet, and we haven’t done that yet either. We have been getting Texas...

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Mar 11, 2013 - Golf/Nascar/Basketball

Glenna and I enjoyed a fun weekend. I won $20 at Bingo on Saturday night. Yesterday we watched Nascar, golf, and Hoosier basketball, while enjoying the gas powered margarita party put on by neighbour Bill. It was a blast complete with 3 TVs and a movie theatre type popcorn maker. Glenna and I barbecued hamburgers for all, delicious. This morning we took Dudley for a haircut. Take a look, he looks good!

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Mar 8, 2013 - Relaxing

Glenna and I have been enjoying our time here at Juno. The first week went way too fast! We are parked in our favourite part of the park, on the lower level by the lake. Well it’s labelled “Lake “ on the map, but is actually a collection drainage pond. We are situated at B9, which is adjacent to the volleyball court, and in the area many of our friends in the park are staying. The weather has warmed up today, it’s about 75F. Glenna ,Dudley and I walked to the beach. The surf swells are the biggest I’ve seen here in recent years. I don’t...

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Mar 5, 2013 - The Beach

Today was our first perfect beach day at Juno. We enjoyed a walk on the beach and a relaxing day at the trailer. Tonight we play Texas Hold'em. Not much to say today, except it is nice to be relaxing. I took some pictures on our walk this morning. Glenna's new Goggle phone is working well. It is giving us good wifi and good phone service.

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Mar 3, 2013 - Our site at Ocean Walk

Wow, when I got up this morning it was 47 F! Tonight they are calling for the possibility of FROST!! The high this afternoon is predicted to be 65F, so I guess today is not a pool day. The new trailer has been beautiful. It is meeting all of our expectations to this point. The satellite system has been working perfectly. We are still on our first tank of propane, which is hard to believe since we have had some cold nights since we left Canada. The heat pumps have been one of the reasons. Last night, although it went down to the low 40’s,...

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Mar 1, 2013 - Ocean Walk

We arrived safely at Ocean Walk at Juno Beach this afternoon. We are scheduled to be here for the next month. It is nice to finally have settled down in one spot. We had happy hour with all our friends and really enjoyed ourselves. Bob and Sue dropped over for a visit, and we finally have Glenna's new google phone. Tomorrow we will see if we can activate it and have an American phone package. The new trailer has been working perfect. All is well

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Mar 10, 2012 - Bingo!

We are back at Ocean Walk tonight, after a great visit on the gulf coast. Last night we had a ten person dinner party at the Clubhouse at Wildcat Run Golf & Country Club. We partied back at Janis and Mel’s place, before and after dinner. What a great night! This morning we went out for breakfast at a Perkins restaurant before packing our bags and trucking back east. We dropped Willy and Marisa off at Boca, before arriving home mid-afternoon. NEWS FLASH!!!!! Glenna and I just got home from Bingo. I won $60. What a great way to end our bingo...

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