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Jul 12, 2016 - Carrabelle Beach FL

The stars aligned, the gods smiled and the fast house started first try so we were able to escape the gravitational pull of Central Florida early Monday afternoon and have landed in Carrabelle along the Gulf coast about an hour SW of Tallahassee for a couple days. The trip was 4½ hours of mostly sunny, windless bliss north on I-75, then west on U.S. 27, onto Alternate 27 into Perry where we hung a left onto U.S. 98 toward the Carrabelle Beach RV Resort. Things in The Villages have stabilized and as part of our final performance there we –...

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May 8, 2014 - Change of Plans

Well, today was the first day of our long anticipated trip. We started out a little late but soon were on the road. As we started out, we said a little prayer that God would protect us and bring us safely home. God was apparently listening. We noticed as we got onto the interstate that the trailer seemed to be pulling harder than our old one had. Richard is very cautious and so we were not doing more than about 55. Suddenly, the truck seemed to veer slightly one way. Richard tried to correct. Instead, the trailer began to sway violently...

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Feb 17, 2014 - Carrabelle Beach, FL

Today began a new adventure for us into territory we had not been in before. We took U.S. 98 southeast to Carrabelle Beach, FL. For most of the way, we followed along the Gulf of Mexico. Absolutely breathtaking blue water against blue sky and warm breeze. What amazed us was all the military bases/sights along the way. Great naval and air force presence along this coast line. We are into long needle pines and palmetto bushes/trees. We arrived at Carrabelle Beach RV Park which is part of the RVC resort system and sister park to Catherine's...

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Feb 15, 2014 - Carrabelle Beach RV Resort

Hello Everyone, As we travel toward New Orleans & Mardi Gras, we have now turned due West over the Gulf of Mexico and landed at Carrabelle Beach, FL. On our way here, we stopped to visit Heidi & Richard Hill. Richard is the Present of RV Trip Wizard which is the online campground mapping software we are using to plan our trip across the country. We were treated to a fantastic lunch and wonderful conversation! To view this online mapping program, go to the following link: www.rvtripwizard.com After lunch, we headed west toward Carrabelle...

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Aug 4, 2012 - Last Day in Carrabelle Beach

The weather forecast called for a partly cloudy day with a large chance of rain on August 4th. Fortunately, they were wrong, and we had a beautiful day. We decided to go to the beach on the State Park in St. George’s Island. These beaches were pleasant, were uncrowded, warm and we had a relaxing morning and afternoon. We even saw a pretty good sized sea turtle about 30 ft. away from us. We saw two or three porpoises yesterday while driving on US 98. We find the beaches further West such as Destin to be nicer, albeit more developed, but...

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Aug 3, 2012 - Second Day of Journey

We finally started this journey that has been long in the making. I am trying a blog to see if I can easily share this with family and friends. Bear with me until I get the hang of this.. Below is the general route we aim to take but I know it will change.. FRANA'S RV JOURNEY 2012 August - November Land O Lakes to Montgomery, Alabama Montgomery, Ala to Memphis, Tennessee Memphis to St. Louis, Missouri St. Louis, Missouri to Kansas City, Kansas Kansas City to Omaha, Nebraska Omaha to Sioux City, South Dakota Sioux City to Mount Rushmore,...

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Mar 12, 2012 - More Gulf at Apalachicola and Carrabelle Beach

We enjoy these short travel days, only 90 miles in the coach today! Most of the trip was along the coast, only a short distance from the water. There is a lot of white sand in this part of the gulf. The Carrabelle Beach RV Park was right across the highway from the beach. We checked in and they directed us to our site by driving around most of the park. They have very narrow roads and sharp corners that required a lot of careful maneuvering. The site was a drive in, back out site for motor homes. This is the first pull in site we have been...

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May 14, 2011 - Carrabelle, FL

Left nice and early this morning (9:00) and it was a good thing. When we got to Perry, Fl we ran into a bad thunder storm and driving was real bad. Wind blowing and raining hard. Visibility only about 30 ft. The good thing was that there was not any traffic on the road. We arrived in Carrabelle about 1:00PM and stayed at the Carrabelle Beach RV Resort. The dogs loved this spot as we walked on the beach and they romped in the water. It was a nice stop for our first day as we had plenty of time to find where we packed everything. Weather is...

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Oct 19, 2010 - Ho-Hum Campground, Carrabelle, FL

Ho-Hum Campground lived up to its name, but in a positive way. Quiet, beachfront, water lapping onto the shore, a fishing pier, beautiful sunset, nothing to do but to relax and enjoy the views. A beautiful spot for our overnight. A beautiful spot for a longer stay another time.

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Oct 1, 2010 - Carrabelle, Florida

We followed US 98 east for about 90 miles and came to one of our favorite places to stop and relax.. The Carrabelle Beach RV Resort is right across the road from a beautiful State Beach ... We have stayed here several times before but this time they have new owners and have the lots for sale for individual owners... They have spiffed up the already nice park and made it even better.. Once we arrived it was the perfect spot to just stop and do nothing but enjoy the beauty of the Gulf during a very slow season in this area... We were sent to...

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Apr 13, 2009 - Scary Thunder

We arrived mid afternoon at the St George Island state park, remotely located at the end of a barrier island off the coast in the northern gulf of Mexico. The skies darkened and the wind increased throughout our journey and there was news of some pretty severe weather just a bit further north. They call this the emerald coast, the sea normally takes on that hue, but today it was dark and uninviting and all the beaches were closed to the public. The campsite was located among pine trees and sheltered behind massive sand dunes, a perfect...

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Aug 3, 2008 - Carrabelle, Florida

From Fort Meyers, we headed north to the panhandle and Carabelle Beach, FL. We stayed at the HoHum Campground right on the Gulf of Mexico. In fact, out site faced the gulf and we could watch the water and see the sunrises without getting out of the RV. Trina took the sunrise pictures seen here. She did a great job and it was her first time other than a quick snapshot. For those of you who think you only see sunsets over the gulf, have never been to this part of the panhandle of Florida. Due to the curve of the land at this point, you can...

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