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Jul 5, 2020 - Look What We Did Over The 4 Of July And July 5,2020

Norma and wanted to do a few things around the house since we had to bring Harley back home from our vacation trip sooner then not. Because he wanted to eat things that he was not to eat and started to bleed and poop all over the place. We went out and got a wooden cedar arbor for the back yard and norma went and did the staining and sealer on July 4, and then today she went ahead and started to build the arbor with just a little help from me. We dug a few post holes and got the arbor in place for now, we might have to pour some cement to...

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Jul 3, 2020 - Power Cord Done,now Some Else

I went over to the storage area to work on my trailer in the A.M. because it is a little cooler at that time of day. Norma and I went over to LOWE'S to check out some wooden arbors for the back yard. We have a old PVC arbor that we wanted to move over to the garden and went out to get a wooden arbor to place in the yard. We want to get some green vines with yellow flowers for the wooden arbor.I think the arbor in the garden shall be blue flowers with a great smell to help bring in the butterflies.

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Jul 3, 2020 - Working Again On The Power Cord

The power cord from truck to trailer came loose from the truck as we were going down the road. I got a signal in my truck that I lost connection to my trailer,so I pulled off the road and found the power cord was not connected to the truck. I had drugged the cord enough to cut two wires that were for the brakes on the trailer and left side taillights. I worked on the wires and got the brakes back on and left running lights for the left taillights. I got everything going but the left turn signal and I would work on that after getting home....

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Jun 29, 2020 - On The Road Again After Dog Poop !!!!!! MAYBE

We came home after a few days of Harley our dog had eaten some coating from some small electric wires from our trailer. I had lost my connection from the truck to the trailer and the power cord was dragging on the roadway. So I had to do a repair job and the coating from the wires were on the ground and our dog had to eat the coating. After two days our dog was pooping in the trailer like soft ice cream then it went to soup and he had small amounts of blood in the poop. This was around 6 p.m. for the lunch break for the bluegrass festival...

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Jun 17, 2020 - Going Up The Road

We started our first day on the road early by just one day , I was going to start our vacation trip on June 18, but I did not want to travel that far. I got older and I do not like to travel that lot of miles in a day. So I want to start a day earlier and drive just up to around Ocala,Florida for the first night. I like to do the 2+2+2 or more which is do not travel more the 200 miles in one day, get in to your campsite around 2 or 3 P.M. and stay two or more days in that campsite to be able to see the park and do a few things around the...

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Jun 16, 2020 - What Is Going To Happen Next & It Did Today

Today was the day that the new washer and dryer was to be delivered to the house. The old washer and dryer was taken out and the new washer and dryer was put in place. As the man was replacing the old dry hose that lets out hot air to the outside of the house, a baby possum came running out of the hose. Norma got a bucket and broom to get the possum into the bucket. She then took the bucket to the fence line to let the baby possum run loose to live another day.The reason we got a new washer and dryer is they did not want to run any more...

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Jun 15, 2020 - What Is Going To Happen Next

Norma is to be told this week some time about the biopsy if it is Basel Cell or not. So we have to wait to see if we can leave next weekend or if Norma needs surgery. What happen today, the dryer is not working again. We had a repair man over about a month ago, he replaced the dryer belt and now the dryer is turning off during the dry cycle. We spent over a hundred dollars and now maybe another $100.00 or so to get another man out to check on the dryer.We were looking at the washer and dryer,Norma put the date on the Items when we get them...

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Jun 10, 2020 - DERMATOLOGIST

The last few years we have been going to the doctors before vacation and a few times we had to cancel part of our vacation. It happen again this year, so we are going to change all our doctors appointments TO April and September and if we need to have a biopsy and maybe surgery it won't cause us to cut our vacation. I went over today and picked up the trailer from storage area to bring it home and turned on the air and icebox to make sure everything is o.k. We shall be leaving this coming Monday,camping at Wekiwa springs state park near...

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Jun 9, 2020 - Just A Few More Day's

Norma cut the grass today and I did the weed eating and later today Norma replanted some plants with new top soil. The old top soil was Florida soil and it turned to hard soil like cement. Norma had some top soil from last year and she wanted to replant before vacation time. I got to clean the truck bed out and get a truck wash before our trip. Got oil change last week for the truck and went to the doctor's to get my oil change for the trip,he told me that I was good for another 7,000 mile or until we get back in September. We took Missy...

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Jun 2, 2020 - FOOD TO GO

I took my trailer to Camping World to see why the lights were blinking off and on, I was thinking it was a bad connection to or from the truck or maybe the trailer. We left the trailer at Camping World and went to the SHRIMP SHACK for some good eat's and they called us about what they found. It was the power cord from the trailer that had to be replaced and they found a handle from the dump station was missing and was replaced. My truck has good tires and I just got a oil change last week on the truck, good for another 7,000 miles. So we...

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May 27, 2020 - Every Thing Has Been taken away !!!! LOL LOL

We were going out to West Bend,WI for a geocaching Event , but that has been called off like everything else. So I had planned to go to Texas, but they do not have any campsite open for people not living in Texas. So what can we do now, well it seems that Florida is open along with AL and Ga. It is going to be hard to plan a trip over the fourth of July this late in the year to be able to get a campsite on the river or lake. I made out the camping trip which is what it is going to be, nothing else is open to see or go to see and so off we...

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May 10, 2020 - Shall Summer Time Ever Be The Same

I checked on campgrounds for this summers vacation and they are still closed. For what reason?? Camp site are more then six feet apart, yet Florida state parks are open to walk around but not to camp !!!! Good thing that I have pictures from last year!!!!!

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