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Apr 30, 2007 - Marathon Blues

24 41.8 81 07.2 Marathon, FLA We are up early as the wind starts to stir us around 0600 hours. The wind portends to a good to great day of sailing due west which is exactly the way we are now heading. Closer to Texas than Mexico with each mile passed. Well we get out in the Hawk Channel and it is about 14 knots from 170 degrees astern. We try the head sail and main sail with a preventer but it is too hard to keep the sails full at this point. As the wind dies a bit we furl in the head sail and configure the cruising spinnaker with the...

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Apr 19, 2007 - Some Photos - At Long Last!

Since I'm the one who does the vast majority of the picture taking, editing, cataloging, etc., I'm taking the heat for the lack of any recent pics. Bad me. So here are some photos. 1. We LOVE our new home. We call it the PeeWee RV. Right now we're on the water at Marathon in the Florida Keys. 2. Here's AJ with his niece, Lucinda, and brand new grand-niece, Diane, while we visited them in Cape Coral. 3. These are our new friends Annie and Steve, Virginians who are teaching us to talk redneck. We met them at Lazy Days RV outside of Tampa...

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Apr 9, 2007 - Curry Hammock State Park

We weren't quite ready to leave the Keys, but were a little put out at spending over $70.00 a night for a campsite. ( It may surprise most of you but I was the one with the problem, Ken was actually ok spending the money) My serial 'web reservation system stalking' continued and I was able to locate an available camp site at Curry Hammock State Park; about 22 miles north of Bahia Honda. We arrived just after check in time ( 1:00 pm ) and set up camp. These long travel days are really starting to take their toll!!! This area is known for...

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Apr 8, 2007 - Bahia Honda State Park

We left our 'home' at Sunshine Key and drove, oh about 2 miles, to Bahia Honda State Park. This park is unique among other islands in the Keys because it has extensive sandy beaches ( 3 total ) and deep waters close enough offshore to provide exceptional swimming & snorkeling. This campground is so popular that it's 80 campsites fill up 11 months ahead of time - that's the earliest you can make reservations. I had been checking the reservation website on an almost daily basis while we were at Sunshine Key and lucked in to a one day...

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Mar 13, 2007 - Big Pines Key, Florida, Recuperating

Tuesday-Wednesday, March 13-14, 2007 Tuesday, March 13, 2007 We left Homestead at 10:16 am. The temperature was 78˚ and it was mostly sunny. A few blocks from the resort we stopped for diesel. We figured our miles per gallon and it was only 7.3. As we traveled along on highway 1 we saw a crocodile crossing sign. There was a lot of highway construction. Next to it there were yellow bumpers (booms) along the shore. Were they to keep the crocodiles from coming onto the road? They were also building a new bridge from the mainland to just...

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Jan 23, 2007 - Marathon in the Florida Keys

Today we drove down to Marathon in the Florida Keys, where we used to have a mobile home in Galway Bay Mobile Home Park. It was upsetting to see Galway. It's nothing like it used to be when we were there. I gues with property values doan there, they can make a lot more money by, what appears, to be putting 2 to 3 trailiers on the same size lot we had one trailer on. No way would I live there today. Our first stop was the famous Seven Mile Grill, where I used to eat all the time, because Galway was across the street. They have upgraded it a...

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Dec 15, 2006 - Back to Boot Key Harbour

The Weather Gods blessed us once again with a beautiful, calm day to cross the 97 mile stretch across the Gulf of Mexico from our anchorage at Coon Key near Marco Island to Marathon in middle of the Florida Keys. We have made this trip previously in rough seas and it was not pleasant! Fortunately this trip was smooth sailing and we arrived in Boot Key Harbour just before dark and set 3 anchors. It is a very crowded anchorage and last year a noreaster ripped through and dragged our one anchor so we learned to play it safe. We stopped for...

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Nov 4, 2006 - Will We Ever Leave the Keys?

Hello from the Keys! We are slowly adapting to life in the slow lane. For the 1st time since we started we think "What do we do now???" We stayed 5 nights at Long Key State Park, 68 miles north of Key West. Our campsite was 10 feet from the ocean. The problem is that there were nasty no-seeums at dawn and dusk, and with it getting dark at 6, we are forced to hunker down and stay home for a change. The beasts were able to get through the screens so we had the air conditioner on a lot! It was the longest couple of days but the kids are loving...

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Mar 31, 2006 - Florida Keys & Miami - USA

Dom: Mum and Dad had fancied a few days of relaxation before they flew home. Sounded perfect to C and I. Crystal and I had arrived in Miami a night before Mum and Dad. We hired a car for the following week and drove around Miami Beach area looking for somewhere to stay for the night. The prices were ridiculous and we ended up driving back towards the airport looking for a cheap motel. As it got dark we spied two together. The first was only $40 but the room was so bad that as I walked in the room i was overcome by a wave of depression....

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Feb 19, 2006 - Florida Keys - Long Key

Feb. 19, 20 - Florida Keys We drove from Orlando to Miami International Airport to pick up Jill and then continued on to the Florida Keys. Everyone was glad to get Mom back. The Keys are a very unique area at the very south of the mainland United States. A chain of islands heading south and west off the tip of Florida. They stretch on for over 100 miles. The starting point is Key Largo and the western most point is Key West. We are staying at a KOA campground at Fiesta Key which is just before Long Key about 40 miles along the chain of...

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