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Jul 19, 2014 - Boating with The McKee's

We drove the boat to the park near the London Bridge and picked up Sean, Michelle, Nick, Caitlyn and AJ for a day boating. Went to the sand bar, Topoc Canyon and Pirates Cove. Nick and Sean wake boarded and AJ, Caitlyn and Nick tubed. Cruised through Copper Canyon and then called it a day. It was a fun day of boating. After me and Norma dropped them off, we took the boat back to the dock at Havasu Springs and then went to Sean's Motel to have dinner. Sean and Michelle cooked us a BBQ dinner. All in all, a fun day.

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Jul 15, 2014 - Lake Havasu

Arrived at Havasu Springs Resort around noon. We are in space 210. Got the Moho parked, boat gassed up and launched. Our spot has pretty good afternoon shade and a little bit of a view of the lake. We took the boat out for a couple of hours. Felt good to be on the lake again. Water was perfect. We will be here for 10 days. Sean and Michelle will be coming over this weekend.

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Nov 23, 2013 - Parker Strip

REMINDER: IF YOU WISH TO ZOOM IN OR OUT ON OUR MAIN PAGE TRAVEL MAP, SIMPLY SELECT ANOTHER VIEW FROM THOSE LISTED UNDER THE MAP. THE DEFAULT WON'T CHANGE BUT YOU CAN SELECT A DIFFERENT VIEW THAT ALLOWS YOU TO SEE MORE OR LESS OF THE COUNTRY AND OUR TRAVEL ROUTES. Sat Nov 23 It was sprinkling this morning as we started our departure procedure. The sprinkles soon stopped and we were able to hook up - sans rain. The wind had stopped and the only impediment we had was dancing around the fresh (gooey) dates on the ground brought down by the wind...

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Oct 15, 2007 - Parker Dam and Lake Havasu

Did you know that Lake Havasu is made from the Colorado River? The Colorado River flows down and the Dam at Parker,AZ stops the river and makes a lake. The lake is really long. On the map, it is hard to tell where the lake starts up the river because the river is so big anyways. Parker Dam is really tall. We drove over it and on the other side was California. The dam, or the river is the stateline. We saw Burros on the California side. They were wild, and they came right up to our car. I got to pet one of them. Mom said they roam wild down...

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