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Jun 1, 2014 - Paicines, CA

May 15 thru June 1 Our last 30 miles to our new stop was quite hair raising as we left 101 and drove up a mountain pass on a two lane road to CA 25. CA 25 turned out to be a two lane winding highway without shoulders and there was no way we could go the speed limit of 55 mph. Ralph did a lot of braking to make it around a lot of sharp curves and there were low tree branches hanging out over the road that we had to maneuver around. Thank heavens there were just a few cars that passed us on this road and we are going north from here so we...

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Mar 11, 2014 - Pinnacles National Park

A day trip to: Pinnacles National Park The park has 2 entrances EAST and WEST. There is no road through the park connecting them, which makes this an all day journey. We visited the East side of the park first then drove south to King City and north on 101 to Soledad and the West side of the park.

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May 15, 2011 - Starting Out

San Benito Thousand Trails RV Reserve May 15, 1 pm PDT Paicines CA This is the first edition of my journal covering my 2011 Spring – Fall migration from Chula Vista to Washington and returning through Montana and Colorado. My first stop after leaving Chula Vista on May 1 was at Soledad Canyon Thousand Trails RV Reserve NE of Los Angeles in the Antelope Valley. This valley borders the Mojave desert and Edwards Air Force base, where the space shuttles landed when the weather in Florida didn’t allow them to return to Cape Canaveral. Rascal...

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Nov 11, 2010 - TTN San Benito (near Hollister)

The 122 mile drive was easy, it was the horrible condition of most of I-5 that was bad. Rebecca drove the entire route, good thing too, Dave kept loosing his teeth from all the jarring! ! Actually a few stretches were smooth but the majority was bumpy, pot holey and rolly. This preserve, Thousand Trails San Benito is way, way, way out in the country but easy to find. It is located about 20 miles south of Hollister off hwy 25 near Paicines. We found this preserve to be a large 200 acres loaded with wonderful shade trees, towering oaks and...

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May 7, 2009 - San Benito TT in Paicines, Ca

Left Rancho Oso and drove up through Santa Ynez, San Luis Obispo to King City where I crossed over to 25 heading north. Did not like the roads from Kind City as it was very winding, hilly and went on for 50 miles before reaching San Benito. No services at all along that stretch and I ran low on gas so drove up to Tres Pinos to fill up at a small store. Had to get a local to help me turn around to prevent unhooking my car in the small cul de sac. The park is pretty and very peaceful with lots of birds, and wildlife, ie deer, bobcats,...

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Apr 28, 2009 - Laguna Beach, Ca

Brook, my daughter, and I drove to Irvine meeting my long time friend Toni Turner. Toni drove us to a lovely restaurant overlooking the Pacific in Laguna Beach for dinner. Great time and great food was enjoyed by all not to mention the exquisite location.

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Mar 22, 2009 - Driving From the Flying J Truck Stop to Paicines San Benito Thousand Trails

Sunday, March 22, 2009. San Benito Thousand Trails, Paicines, CA Driving From the Flying J Truck Stop to Paicines We woke up this morning at a Flying J Truck Stop parked between two semi tractor trailers. We wanted to get out of Yosemite last night so we could be sure to hook up with our friends at the San Benito Thousand Trails and with the snow that was predicted we figured we'd better get out before night fall. We were thinking about a Wal-mart but a Flying J came along before a Wal-mart did so that sounded pretty good. We went ahead and...

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Dec 8, 2008 - Lake Minden & San Benito

We finally found some sun. Yesterday after we arrived. Today it was cloudy and overcast until after 1 PM. It did sneak into the high 50's before sunset with a little breeze. The weather is expected to be clear for the rest of our stay here. We'll see.. Anyway we were glad to leave the cold fog of the valley. Fog is just about as depressing as constant rain. At least in the rain you can see for some distance. This is our first stop at San Benito TT Preserve. It is really quite a nice rural setting in the hills south of Hollister and west of...

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May 9, 2008 - A traveling day

We traveled about 200 miles yesterday and we try not to make any days longer than that, after all, we are in no big hurry. Cuesta Pass is the big hill that I mentioned in my last post and was a 33 MPH pull for the ole F550. I was glad when we hit the top as it was a 7% grade but it was only 3 miles long. I run into trouble when the climb goes on and on for miles. The day started out hazy, I think they call it "marine layer", and it stayed that way most of the trip. We traveled north on Highway 101 and there were enough grape fields to make...

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