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Jan 8, 2010 - Credit Card Hassle

Mary went over to the Center this morning where she won half a pot at bingo. I took the coach over to get the propane tank filled then onto the Shell station for diesel fuel. After filing up I went inside to pay the bill with the Visa card but it was not authorized so I had her try it again still no go. I tried calling the authorization number a couple of times,still no go. I then called the Trane Credit Union where I finally got to talk to a real person, she verified my balance, my credit limit and that my account is current, she could she...

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Jan 7, 2010 - Central Coasters Lunch

We stopped by Wally's Tires to have him order the tires for the coach, scheduled for noon tomorrow. From there we went into Clovis to have lunch at Denny's with the Central Coasters RV Club. Before heading back to Madera Mary stopped by the Big Lots Store in Fresno to shop for gifts for the Senior Club raffle baskets. In case you haven't noticed I haven't mentioned doing laundry lately. We are still doing laundry at least two or three times a week, I just don't feel like it needs to be included in our trip log all the time. Not a chance at...

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Jan 6, 2010 - Taser Test

At bingo this morning I missed a bingo, needless to say Mary had some comments regarding my bingo playing ability. At noon I had my consultation with Dr Akhtar who will be doing my colonoscopy he has me scheduled for January 29th as the day of dread. from there I had to go back to Dr Gustaveson office our primary Doctor for nerve damage tests, for awhile I thought maybe I was there for taser testing. The reason for the x-rays and the taser test is because I bounce around like a Mexican jumping bean when I go to bed and the bottom of my feet...

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Jan 5, 2010 - Looking Good

Mary spent the morning cleaning house while I worked on the computer doing our budget for December and getting our budget ready for 2010. She put the bedspread set she had bought at the thrift store in Wyoming on the bed for the first time. It is definitely a very expensive set that fits perfectly and looks great which is kind of amazing because our bed is a short queen size that is primarily used for RVs. Then she put down the new rugs she bought the other day, I must admit it all looks very nice. This afternoon we went to the doctor for...

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Jan 4, 2010 - Osso Bucca

This morning I paid rent so we will be here until at least the 11th, hopefully we will be done by then so we can head down to the LA area for awhile. For Lunch today at the Center we had Osso Bucca with pilaf rice, I had never heard of this dish before but it turned out to be lamb and it was very good.

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Jan 3, 2010 - Panda Express

We drove up to Chukchansi Casino this morning, once we got to about the 1200 foot level it was so nice to have clear skies and plenty of sunshine. We were back in Madera by 11:00 where it was a full 15F cooler, once again it was overcast all day with the high being 51F. Madera has a new Panda Express (fast food drive through Chinese Gourmet) we drive by a couple of times each day as well as walk by on our evening walk and are amazed at the lines at the drive through and on the inside.

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Jan 1, 2010 - Senior Club Fun Day

Up early this morning to help get the Senior Center ready for Fun Day. Mary called the bingo games all day, we played bingo from 10AM until 2:30PM with a break for a pot luck lunch. On our evening walk we went over to Wal-mart, Mary wanted to get an extra set of rugs for the coach, I was pretty vocal in my disagreement.

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Dec 31, 2009 - "So Long 2009"

Mary finally won a game this morning so we won't have to take out a loan yet to play more bingo. The Senior Center closed for the day after we had our New Years lunch so Mary and a lot of the other seniors went over to the Pan Am Center to play bingo. Mary won one game and split two others while I stayed home and worked on the aqua hot system, I thought I had solved my problem when I found a blown fuse but it didn't seem to make a difference. But I did manage to fix a baseboard that was out of place from when Mary forgot to move the kitchen...

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Dec 30, 2009 - Getting Ready for Fun Day

Mary spent the morning getting the door prize baskets ready for the Senior Club Fun Day we will have on Friday while I worked on the computer getting the club records updated. About 10:30 we headed for the Senior Center for the morning bingo games, lunch and the afternoon bingo session. Today will be the last of our winnings since we got here so we are down to using our money if we don't win today.

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Dec 29, 2009 - House Cleaning Day

Today was Mary's house cleaning day, when we had a house (2100 square feet) it was a six to eight hour physical ordeal. Now that we live in a motor home( 450 square feet) it only takes her about an hour or so. While Mary was off to the Laundromat I was on the computer doing some tire shopping. The tires on the RV are the originals with 74,000 miles on them but still have good tread life left. Most RV tires are changed out because of age not mileage wear, most manufactures recommend changing when the tires are seven to ten years old, these...

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Dec 28, 2009 - Consultation Appointment Scheduled

Another day of rain showers and no sunshine, once again the high for the day was 52F and the low was 49F. Doctors office called to let me know that I have a colonoscopy consultation appointment for January 6th. I want to get it scheduled and over with ASAP, then we can head down to the Los Angeles area and play tourist for a couple of weeks.

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Dec 27, 2009 - Flea Market Shopping

It rained some last night and again this morning, still no leaks on the slides. We walked over to the flea market this morning all we bought was a pound of peanuts for $2.00 and a couple pounds of bananas for $.50 a pound. Turned out to be a beautiful day today. We went for a good long walk this afternoon.

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