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Mar 2, 2010 - What Day is it Today?

We woke up to a knock on the door this morning, it was one of the maintenance guys telling us our rent was due yesterday. When I went down to the office to pay up I apologized and explained that one of the problems/advantages of being retired is you have a tendency to lose track of time and dates. If this is Tuesday it must be house cleaning day, we stayed close to home all day. I ordered a replacement tire pressure sensor because one of them on the car has a slow leak. While on our walk I picked up a fuse holder some wire and a toggle...

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Mar 1, 2010 - Dinner with Bill & Linda

I managed to bingo once this afternoon while Mary called the bingo games most of the day. Started out overcast this morning but this afternoon was sunny and warm so while Mary was doing laundry I washed the car even through rain is predicted for Tuesday and Wednesday. Bill and Linda Frizell invited over for dinner at their house in Chowchilla this evening. As a fund raiser their church was putting on a take out dinner of ribs, scalloped potatoes and salad, my compliments to chef because it was among the best ribs I've ever had. Chowchilla...

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Feb 28, 2010 - Busy Day at the Fair Grounds

Today was a busy day at the Madera fair grounds, both the small 1/8 mile asphalt track and the large 1/3 mile asphalt track are having a practice day. the Dog Show ends this afternoon, the Flea Market is in full swing as usual, the roller rink looks like it is hosting a big Birthday Party and there is a big Mexican Wedding going on at Hatfield Hall, We've really enjoyed watching the Winter Olympics these last two weeks, each evening we looked forward to watching our teams compete. Between watching the NASCAR race and taking a nap I did...

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Feb 27, 2010 - Dog and People Watching

It rained most of the night last night, this place is fast becoming swamp land. This morning we went over to watch the dog agility show, the owners are as interesting to watch as the dogs, each time they change the course all the trainers walk around practicing their hand and body signals for the dogs, if you didn't know it was a dog agility show you would think it was a Tai-Chi practice. The dogs ranged from in size from full sized Poodles and German Shepherds to Chihuahuas and Schnauzers.

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Feb 26, 2010 - I Thought We'd Been Had

This morning we got up early to drive down to Visalia to have brunch with the Visalia chapter of the Central Coasters RV Club where we had an opportunity to talk about the Care Center. Visalia is about a seventy mile drive south of here, as we were passing through Fresno we were in fairly heavy traffic doing 65MPH along side of a semi tractor trailer rig when he blew a rear trailer tire, talk about a stress test I thought we'd been had. Turns out the blown tire was on the opposite side of the truck and we were untouched. After our brunch in...

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Feb 25, 2010 - Valley Fog

We woke up to very heavy valley fog this morning, visibility was down to about twenty feet. When our neighbors across the street tried to pull out with their fifth wheel this morning he couldn't even budge it. The guys from the fairgrounds maintenance crew showed up with medium sized John Deere tractor that didn't have too much of a problem pulling out his pickup but couldn't handle his fifth wheel trailer. Next they brought out the big gun, one of those large four wheel drive front end loaders, that big boy manhandled the trailer up onto...

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Feb 24, 2010 - Enjoyable Visit

It rained all night last night once again most of the RV spots here are full of water. The good news is that everyone at the Senior Center complimented Mary's hair this morning. I won a half a pot at bingo but even that was $9.80 because Wednesday is bread day and a lot of people come in for the free bread and stay to play bingo. This afternoon Mary went to get her hair trimmed and all the gals at the beauty shop also said they loved her hair color. Late this afternoon John Reiner stopped by for a quick visit on his way back home from a...

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Feb 23, 2010 - Only Her Hair Dresser Knows

Mary won at bingo once this morning. It's that time again for Mary to have her hair colored the problem is she couldn't remember what color she used last time. So she selected "Medium Auburn Mahogany" all was going well until I worked the dye into her hair and it was then that I noticed my gloves turning purple. Even after I added the conditioner and then rinsed her hair the rinse water turned purple. Fortunately after her hair dried it came out a dark auburn red with highlights. Only her hair dresser knows and now anybody who reads this blog.

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Feb 22, 2010 - Have You Ever Seen a Tulip Tree?

We both had a bingo this afternoon. On the way back home we seen a Tulip tree in full bloom, man are they ever beautiful. I got an email back from Dometic regarding my thermostat problem, sure enough if you hold down the zone and mode buttons then turn on the thermostat it will reset. I don't understand why they don't tell you that little tidbit of helpful information in the install booklet that is 43 pages long and printed in six languages.

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Feb 21, 2010 - Nasty Surprise

One of our neighbors offered me the use of his weed whacker to touch up around our coach, I guess I got a little carried away and whacked a few holes in our sewer hose, now there's a surprise you don't want when you open the drain valve on your black water tank. Rain showers off and on most of the day today.

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Feb 19, 2010 - Operator Error?

Our winning steak at bingo ended today. Discovered the low tire was because of a loose connection on the valve stem extension. The replacement thermostats that I ordered came in but when I installed them I get an error code so I sent them an email asking for help, probably operator error to be continued.

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Feb 18, 2010 - Another Low Tire

I only played the morning bingo session today, after lunch I went back to the coach to call the Hopkins Co. tech help line. Our tire pressure monitor system has really been messing up lately. He told me how to reset it back to ground zero then I need to do a complete reinstall, things were going well until I got to tire #4 the right hand outside dual tire which only had 55# and it should be 100# so now I need to find out why that tire is low, to be continued. I couldn't believe it but when I went back at 2:00 to pick up Mary she told me...

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